After the incident at The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion where Porsha Williams physically attacked Kenya Moore, Porsha has kept pretty quiet. We’ve heard from multiple cast members, including Kenya, but now she is giving us her side of the story.

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“I see the wand so I’m sitting there, this is a wand, what is she about to do with that,” Porsha said in an interview with Access Hollywood, referring to Kenya’s toy scepter. “Then I realize she’s using it as an extension of her arm, so I’m like okay cool as long as she doesn’t bring it over here, I’m fine. I saw the hate. I saw the anger. I saw all of that in Kenya’s eye that moment. And I felt threatened, honestly I did, it was a weapon.”

She said things got emotional for her after the attack, where at the time, she cried, “I’m so embarrassed.” She doesn’t feel as embarrassed any more. In fact, she agrees with the other housewives and thinks she was provoked.

“This show is difficult for all of us. They come at me, I come at them, we come at each other. But at the end of the day, we can all pick up the phone and call each other and say, ‘How do you feel today? I know today’s taping was rough.’ Kenya doesn’t have that type of relationship with any of us. So when they saw me on the floor, they knew what I had taken from her, and the bullying she had put me through for two years straight while I was married.”

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She says she has received a great deal of support not only from fellow cast members, but also from her fans.

“I’ll never forget those women for being there for me. I think they’re backing me, but I’d like to take me out of it. Because I stand for a bigger purpose. It’s not about Porsha. Because I don’t even feel like people have gotten to know Porsha. I think people are standing up for bullying. People are standing up for someone who doesn’t show another human respect.”

Despite making it sound like she’s the victim, Porsha was indeed the one who physically attacked another person. She was charged with battery in Atlanta last month.

“Violence is not the answer and I want to apologize to my fans, the viewers and the other ladies for my behavior,” Porsha told Us Weekly. “For the thousands of supporters that have stuck by me I thank you immensely and encourage you to donate to shelters for abused woman and support charities that stop bullying. As I mentioned on the show I am embarrassed of my reaction and the way that I handled the provocation and I am dedicated to helping others learn appropriate ways to cope with bullies and abusers and from this experience I hope to continue on a path of personal and spiritual growth.”

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