Last time on Quantico, in present-day New York, Alex took her former friend Shelby as a hostage because the bomb fuse from Alex’s apartment was made by the company that Shelby owns. Word came down through the FBI that if Alex is seen, the order is shoot to kill. Alex had better figure out who is framing her and fast.

In this episode of Quantico, “Found,” the trainees embark on their first undercover assignment, which brings Ryan and Alex closer. Those two have some serious chemistry.

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A New Assignment

Back at Quantico, Ryan talks to Assistant Director of the Training Division Miranda Shaw. Ryan knows that Liam O’Connor is after Alex. Miranda reassures him that if Liam has a problem with Alex, she will hear about it.

The trainees are beyond thrilled when they learn that they can leave the campus for a night off. Well, sort of. They will be building a profile of a white collar employee at a Fortune 500 company and then go undercover. 

Liam gives them tips on how to create a successful persona. Once the personas are completed, it is field trip time. The trainees will be attending the Dystek Corporate Retreat, where their mission is to get a private meeting with CEO Norman Reed. That sounds too easy, right? Of course it is — the trainees have to swap personas with another trainee and learn on the fly.

Meet Simon’s Boyfriend

The analysts even get to go and watch. Simon is particularly cheerful since his boyfriend, Max, is meeting him there. Elias is, naturally, interested in meeting Max. When Max arrives for his first date with Simon, Simon gives him a quick kiss. While Simon continues to work, Elias finds Max and tells him that Simon asked him to entertain him for a bit. What does Elias have against Simon?

Rayna manages to meet someone who offers to introduce her to Reed, but then she gets a phone call. She is summoned back to her room, where Miranda informs them that they will be taking turns undercover every hour. The most challenging part will be briefing each other in passing. Just in case that isn’t stressful enough, if Rayna or Nimah are caught, they will be terminated from Quantico. 

Everyone is Hiding Something

Back at the hotel, Miranda and Liam stroll down memory lane as they watch the trainees work. Miranda is still a tad bit upset that they both decided to end their marriages to be together, but Liam developed cold feet. Miranda questions Liam about why he is running an “off the books” operation on Alex. He replies that Alex has something on all of them. 

Caleb keeps foiling Shelby’s game at the retreat, so they have a heated argument in a conference room. Their anger turns to passion and they have sex. 

Ryan and Alex are waiting to meet with Reed when Nimah joins them. A female executive comes in and lets them know that Reed was fired and that she is the new CEO. 

Nimah and Rayna celebrate how bad-ass they are. Simon returns to his room and finds Elias, who is angry that Simon is pretending to be gay. He views Simon as dangerous and informs him that he is going to turn him in when they return to Quantico.

Simon Tells All

Alex and Ryan enjoy some sexy time in a hotel room, where Alex confesses that she doesn’t know how to stop running. Wow — these too are combustible together!

A tearful Simon goes to see Elias and confesses to being in the Israeli defense forces. He is shaken by the things that he did in Gaza, and the only way to beat his demons is to live undercover. Elias tells him to keep the glasses as he looks good in them. 

Miranda finds out that her son, Charlie, was paroled. Miranda also tells Ryan that Liam did hire him for something that is a matter of national security.

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Alex’s New Plan

In New York, everyone wants to know more about Alex Parrish, the bomber who took 130 lives. In Shelby’s apartment, Shelby does her best to convince Alex to turn herself in if she is innocent. Shelby also makes the case that the fuse could have come from Simon, Ryan, Caleb or Nathalie. 

Ryan and Simon call and tell Alex that the FBI has issued a shoot-to-kill order. Alex panics at the thought that people that she knows want her dead. Simon decides to try and get a list of FBI assignments from the previous day, since the bomb had to be detonated within a two-block radius. Alex gets a crazy idea that if she can get her side of the story out to the public, then the FBI won’t kill her. I’m not sure that is how it works, but I guess we’ll see.

Alex turns to the dark web to find a hacker who can tell her story. She forces Shelby to take a photo of her holding a New York newspaper with her photo on the cover to prove that Alex is who she says she is. 

Coming Clean

The dark web folks have a lot of questions for Alex, starting with her missing year in India. They also ask her about Amir Salaam, who she was backpacking with, and whether she knew he had ties to Pakistani Intelligence. He was also responsible for a club bombing in India. Alex admits to going to Pakistan and Iran. She also shares that 10 of the people that she met in her travels are now dead, including Amir. 

The command center receives intelligence that Alex is communicating with “The Unknown” in New York and preparing a live broadcast. Once the interview goes live, the FBI can track the signal in five minutes.

Protesting Her Innocence

When the feed goes live, Alex tells the audience how she was framed from the beginning and how much she loves America. She stresses her innocence and how she hopes that the FBI won’t kill her before she can prove that she had nothing to do with the bombing. 

When the FBI finds the building where the signal originated from, it is a mosque, which poses a huge problem because it is Ramadan. News crews also swarm the scene. Alex slips out into the street with the other women who are wearing burkas. 

Alex receives new identification, an encrypted phone and a laptop from the members of “The Unknown.” They also pledge to help her in any way they can.

Shelby doesn’t tell Liam that Ryan and Simon were helping Alex. Shelby is now convinced of Alex’s innocence. Simon gets the e-mailed list of agents and their duties in New York. They spot a familiar name: Caleb Haas.

I must say that I am impressed with Quantico yet again. It has lots of unexpected and brilliant plot twists.

Quantico airs Sundays at 10pm on ABC.

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