Tonight on Project Runway: Teams, the remaining six designers are still battling it out for that top spot. 

As the teams are switched up yet again, they must adjust to new personalities and mesh art with art, pulling inspiration from the famous Guggenheim Museum. 

“I think that it is so unfair that Samantha left,” says Layana, “especially since Richard was in the bottom three, three times in a row.” Furthermore, I have to agree with Michelle when she claims that if Richard is chosen to show a collection at Fashion Week, then he’ll have 12 color-blocked jersey dresses walking down the runway. 

Tim awaits the top six designers at the famous Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. Here, he announces the newly reordered groups. We have:

Stanley and Michelle

Patricia and Richard

Layana and Daniel

HP & Intel Challenge: In the spirit of innovation, each team will create two looks of wearable art. One look is to be big and out-of-the-box while the second will be scaled down for ready-to-wear.

Right out of the gate, Layana is being uncooperative. Who knew?! Any idea that Daniel tosses out, she shoots down. So he decides to take the ready-to-wear look so she can dig her own wearable art grave and lie in it. There is no way she can pull off something of that stature. 

Stanley and Michelle are gelling beautifully, nothing to report here.

Richard and Patricia, on the other hand, have hit a brick wall named “Umm.” Patricia was born for this type of challenge. She takes pictures and starts conjuring up textile ideas. Richard, on the other hand has one answer for everything. “Umm,” he mumbles when all he has to think about is something simple for his ready-to-wear design. This is why Samantha should have stayed last week.

Back at the Workroom, each team is given an HP desktop and a table of material to help them with their creations. From the computers, the teams work on their textiles and send the files out for the fabric to be made. Now, it’s time for a trip to Mood.

Once they return to the Workroom, Tim informs them of a little incentive. The challenge winner will receive $10,000 from HP & Intel AND their very own HP Envy X2. 

While Stanley and Michelle are working like a match made in fashion heaven, Patricia still has to deal with Richard’s clueless stare and Daniel attempts to work around Layana’s control issues. 

Patricia has managed to construct the foundation of a full volumized gown and Richard has only doodled with a cardboard bracelet. Meanwhile, Layana labels Daniel a “bad teammate” because he isn’t doing enough to help her out of this rut she’s walked into. I suppose he’s supposed to hold her hand and literally lay the blueprints at her feet.

Tim comes in to check on everyone’s progress. He’s impressed with Stanley and Michelle’s textile, overwhelmed by all that Patricia and Richard are attempting and confused about why Layana has begun crying. Perhaps this was the kick everyone needed, though. Layana has her pity party and gets right back to the sewing machine to finish her garment. Richard moves slowly, but he manages to toss an accordion balloon that he calls a skirt to the model’s waist.

Where in the World is Zac Posen?

Judges: Rachel Roy, Nina Garcia and fashion designer Tracy Reese

Stanley and Michelle:

“Woman spiraling out of control” is the inspiration and Michelle’s drawing of a face for the textile really adds to the dramatic appeal to both looks. Her avante garde piece with the super long train is awesome. “It is inspiring and it is editorial,” says Nina.

Richard and Patricia:

Hands down, Patricia is the better designer here. Her tribal take on colors and shapes comes across as soft and beautiful with a white veil and layers upon layers of moving art. Richard’s lack of anything in his white pleated skirt of the ready-to-wear look is just horrible.

Layana and Daniel:

“You didn’t have to throw the kitchen sink in here,” Nina says about Layana’s period-looking piece. Rachel describes it as a mix between Scarlet O’Hara and Barbie. Daniel’s ready-to-wear skirt and blazer is sexy and constructed beautifully. Backstage, Layana cries AGAIN because she feels “betrayed” by Daniel when he said that the skirt and blazer were his responsibility and his alone.

Winning Team: Stanley and Michelle

Winner: Stanley

Eliminated: Richard

Thank you! Richard should have gone home last week. Can Samantha come back? Is there a web-series where those eliminated fight for a chance to be back on the show? If America’s Next Top Model can do it then Project Runway surely can, right? 

Next time on Project Runway: Teams, my questions look to have been answered. It is time for the remaining five designers to work on their own. They’ll have a bit of help, though. Tune in to see which eliminated designers will return!

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