It’s been quite some time since anybody brought up the rumor that Prison Break star Wentworth Miller was gay. It was a little more than one year ago that Miller proclaimed his heterosexuality to the world. “No, I’m not gay. I know these rumors are out there…I’m cool with the fact that they exist, I mean this is about fantasy,” he said in an interview. “Certain people are going to have certain fantasies. If someone wants to imagine me with a woman, or a man or one of each, that’s cool with me as long as you keep watching the show.” Today, a close friend of Miller’s came out, announcing that he was gay and, just like that, the rumors bubble back to the surface.

On the ABC show Brothers and Sisters, Luke MacFarlane plays a gay man who is about to marry his long time partner. In real life, MacFarlane is also gay and talked openly about his sexuality with Canada’s Globe and Mail. “There is this desire in L.A. to wonder who you are and what’s been blaring for me for the last three years is how can I be most authentic to myself – so this is the first time I am speaking about it in this way,” he said. He chose to open up about his life to coincide with his character’s wedding, which will air on May 11th.

MacFarlane is known to have dated Grey’s Anatomy actor T.R. Knight, who also came out last year and he is rumored to have dated Wentworth Miller. The two were spotted together in August of last year and pictures of their day out together popped up on the celebrity gossip website, Just Jared. Can’t a straight man and a gay man hang out for the day without rumors flying? Not in Hollywood.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

Source: Globe and Mail, Just Jared
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Gina Scarpa

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