For a moment, let’s return to the events of the Prison Break finale.  Michael was successful at bringing down the Company, but not without the casualties, in this case, his mother Christina.  Kellerman returns and gets everyone out of their loopholes–well, all but T-Bag, who was imprisoned for everything he’s done.  Four years later, Mahone’s got a new wife, and Sara’s given birth to her son.  And Michael, as we all know, died.  We should also remember that there is a feature-length episode, “The Final Break”, that will be released on DVD in July, and it will explain everything that happened in those four years, including Michael’s death.  The catch is, that one’s been leaked online.

Well, not exactly.  “The Final Break” was, surprisingly, aired in other countries.  Originally composed of two episodes–“The Odd Ball and Chain” and “Free”–it was first aired in Israel, which was the version that leaked, and will be aired in the UK tonight.  For obvious purposes I shall talk about what happened in those episodes, although I won’t leak as many details, because technically we already know what happened.  But that won’t stop me from posting this warning: there are possible spoilers up ahead, so unless you’ve seen it or are planning to buy the DVD, skip this part now!

But first, let’s look back at casting details that we reported months before the final episodes of Prison Break aired.  Remember when the show’s producers were looking for actors to play female inmates in a totally different prison, raising speculation that the show’s spin-off, which will be based on a women’s prison, is going to push through?  Turns out, that casting call is for “The Final Break”.  All the characters mentioned there did show up–the toughened “husband”, the anxious jail warden, the mentally-unstable inmate, the guard with a grudge, and all will make a new inmate’s life a little harder.

And no, it’s not Gretchen.  It’s Sara.

Yes, it’s already been revealed (somehow) that Sara will get arrested for killing Christina, and Michael will bust her out one more time.  That’s basically where the whole episode revolves.  But also remember the other characters they’re looking for in that casting call.  A pastor?  Check–Michael and Sara do get married.  A federal agent?  Check–he will arrest Sara right after the wedding.  A lawyer?  Check–Michael does get to visit Sara in prison, and you can add their scene to you list of favorite MiSa moments.  (I actually felt for the two, I’ll admit.)

And Gretchen’s there, in the same prison as Sara, not making things easier for her, at least initially.  Let’s just say she wants her dead.  Let’s just say the Company is still working–after all, the General isn’t going to die until four years later.  As for the rest, well, things won’t exactly go well, in usual Prison Break fashion.  The trail won’t be wiped clean, and… let’s just say Mahone will play two cards, and so will T-Bag.  Then again, that’s what you expect.

And Michael?  His death was in the most unexpected of methods.  But, it’s probably the most painful moment in the entire series, and that’s with nothing much being said.  I guess it’s one of those things that long-time viewers of the show will just understand–and maybe dislike.  Sure, it’s a big sacrifice.  And we all know why he did it–it’s all been told before, in interviews and in other reports.  But when the moment happens, well, it’ll still hit you in such a way.  At least it happened to me.

I hope I didn’t reveal that many details, but overall, the episode was pretty good, and it did tie up all those other loose ends.  Then again, it’s weird watching it because you know what will happen, and you know why it will happen, and yet it still somehow strikes close to home.  I still hope you’d be picking up the DVD, simply because it’s better watching it on a television (and without subtitles).  Maybe organize parties with fellow fans.  Then you can say that Prison Break is truly over, not after all the “what the?” moments you had watching the finale, wondering why it felt so rushed, or something.

Oh, and one last spoiler.  That tombstone at the end of the finale?  It’s half-useless.

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Henrik Batallones

Staff Writer, BuddyTV