In the past few years, the Pretty Little Liars theory that Spencer Hastings has a twin has become more and more popular with each passing episode. The rumors ramped up after we found out that not only is she Mary Drake’s other child, but technically, no one important was there to see Spencer born. In season 7 episode 1, Hanna “dreamed” of Spencer (without her signature flash forward bangs), and this Spencer basically told Hanna how to escape from the barn. How would a dream do that? Now, in season 7 episode 15, a scene between “Spencer,” Wren and Ezra is leading many to believe that it was not Spencer but her twin talking to Wren.

What we were told was a simple conversation to see if Wren knew anything about Charlotte’s death seemed to be a lot more than that in the clip below. This “Spencer” and Wren were clearly arguing about something, and the explanation given to Ezra doesn’t make sense. Plus, many have noticed that this Spencer and the one we saw elsewhere in the episode were dressed slightly differently.

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Let’s also point out the fact that this scene takes place at Ezra’s gate as he’s preparing to fly to New York, so why would Spencer buy a ticket just to have a conversation with Wren during his layover? And why work so hard to cover up the fact that you were meeting with Wren, and ask Ezra not to tell anyone, if it was about something the other girls should know? Unless she didn’t want the girls to know because that wasn’t Spencer.

The body language, demeanor and even the way she says “Ezra” are different than the Spencer we know. Plus, her outfit has little changes, as seen in the tweet below.

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People are even speculating that the twin may be A.D. as the first name could easily start with an A, and the last name could be Drake. Maybe this twin knew all along about their relation to Mary.

Even the drink of choice at the airport is being called into question…

Going along with the twin theory, fans think there was another switch the night Alison went missing, and Bethany isn’t actually in the casket. It was revealed Jessica DiLaurentis told Bethany to call her “aunt Jessie” which makes sense if Bethany was Mary’s daughter, and Jessica knew.

The fan theory that Spencer has a twin / Bethany is that twin is heating up, and this scene just added fuel to the fire. How do you explain this scene? Was it really Spencer, just fighting with Wren? Let us know your theories in the comments below!

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