The US women’s eight rowing team proved their dominance once again. They’re five-time world champions and have been undefeated since 2006. What they really wanted was a second gold medal to extend their legacy.

The women’s eight rowing final was being billed, “The Battle of North America.” The Canadian team was more than ready to make it a hard-fought battle. The Canadians remained close to the Americans, but the champions proved why they’re powerhouse rowers by staying in front the entire race. It was competitive on the final stretch as the Canadian team powered towards the finish, but the Americans had gained far too much momentum and caused their competitors to use up too much energy to catch up.

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Going into the finals, the Canadian team had clocked in the fastest time, but in the end, only the final race matters. The American team completed the 2,000 meter course in 6:10.59, and the Canadians nabbed silver with 6:12.06 while the Netherlands earned the bronze with a time of 6:13.12.

The American dynasty fittingly started at Eton Dorney at the 2006 World Championship, and now the dominance continues there. The team has changed some members since winning the gold medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, but during the victory celebration, it’s clear they’re a tight family. This family has had its moments of suffering, such as Taylor Ritzel, whose mother died of breast cancer back in 2010. Like any good family, they support each other and stick together, and now, they are Olympic champions once again.

Coxswain Mary Whipple is the person in charge of keeping the team focused and united. It is amazing watching an athlete handle a tough responsibility during the most high pressure situation. This would be why we’re witnessing a sports dynasty. The impressive thing is that the challengers are hungry and able, but the Americans have defeated them each time.

Now, the Americans have the challenge of keeping this incredible dynasty going for four more years against the world’s toughest and hungriest.

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Chris Spicer
Contributing Writer

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Chris Spicer

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