Many knew that it was inevitable for them to go their separate ways.  Apparently, pop trio The Cheetah Girls are splitting up this Christmas, much to the sorrow of fans.  It wasn’t long ago that Raven Symone left the group to pursue other commitments, but she probably knew it wouldn’t last.  When the New Year rings in, the Cheetah Girls will no longer be together. 

It has been confirmed that their ongoing The Cheetah Girls: One World tour will be their last one.  Upon completing the project, Kiely Williams, Adrienne Bailon and Sabrina Bryan will be heading off on their own.  Despite that, the girls maintain that they will remain close friends. 

After the negative attention brought by Bailon’s nude photo scandal, it seemed like it was the end of an age for The Cheetah Girls.  Like other Disney stars, they had to move on with their own careers to prove that each of them could make it in the industry.  They can’t always be pegged as part of a group if they want to truly succeed in Hollywood.  It was time to step up on their own.

Of course, their experience and efforts as The Cheetah Girls will not be forgotten.  Singer Kiely Williams even said: “I’ll always be a Cheetah Girl.  It’s been a life-changing experience.” 

The sad news is that it’s going to be a damper on the fans.  Those who were looking forward to another Cheetah Girls performance during the holidays will be disappointed.  The group was already pulled out from the list of acts in the Thanksgiving Day parade, claiming that it was a conflict in schedule that hindered them from coming.  Meanwhile, reasons regarding the upcoming split haven’t been disclosed.  Williams only gave word that they weren’t breaking up because of the disgraceful Internet leak.  But surely, that added to the expected separation of the group.

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