With so many new and exciting movie releases coming out in January 2023, it can be overwhelming to decide which ones to watch. Luckily, we have made it simple by creating a must-see list of the very best movies!

10 Best New Movies to Watch in January 2023 (Ranked by Popularity)

January is a great month for movie lovers! With so many amazing new movies premiering, it can be hard to choose just one. Luckily for you, we’ve ranked the top 10 movies premiering in January according to their popularity.

From action-packed blockbusters to funny comedies and romantic dramas, there’s something for everyone this month. So get ready to settle into a comfy chair with your favorite snacks and friends, because the best new movies of January are here!

Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre

“Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre” is a thrilling new movie starring Jason Statham as super spy Orson Fortune. He must track down and prevent the distribution of a menacing new weapon technology created and guarded by billionaire Greg Simmonds (Hugh Grant).

With the help of some of the world’s best operatives, Fortune and his team enlist Hollywood actor Danny Francesco (Josh Hartnett) to join them on their undercover mission.

Together, they go on an exciting, globe-trotting journey where they risk their lives to save the world from destruction.

“Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre” is full of intensity and action – get ready for one wild ride!

IMDb Rating: 6.7
Popularity: #26
Release Date: January 3 (International) in theaters


“Plane” is an action-packed thrill ride that follows pilot Brodie Torrance (Gerard Butler) as he risks everything to save his passengers after a lightning strike. With tensions high, and the fate of the plane uncertain, Torrance is forced to make a daring landing on a war-torn island.

To his surprise, a group of dangerous rebels takes most of the passengers hostage. In order to save them all and get off the island alive, Torrance turns to FBI prisoner Louis Gaspare (Mike Colter).

As it turns out, there’s more to this “accused murderer” than meets the eye — Gaspare is the only one with enough knowledge and skill to help Torrance navigate their way back home. Get ready for some white-knuckle excitement in “Plane.”

IMDb Rating: 7.0
Popularity: #33
Release Date: January 13 in theaters

The Old Way

“The Old Way” is an action-packed Western featuring Academy Award winner Nicolas Cage as Colton Briggs, a retired gunslinger trying to start over and live a peaceful life with his daughter.

His newfound peace is disrupted when the son of a man Colton murdered years ago comes seeking revenge.

To protect his family, Colton must once again draw his six shooters and join forces with his daughter on a fast-paced journey toward retribution, catapulting “The Old Way” into an unforgettable thrill ride filled with devastating confrontations and unexpected twists.

IMDb Rating: 5.4
Popularity: #46
Release Date: January 6 in theaters and on Prime Video

House Party

“House Party” returns for a whole new experience with Damon (Tosin Cole) and Kevin (Jacob Latimore), two high school friends who have hit a rough patch in life.

Out of money, down on their luck, and about to lose the roof over their heads, they come up with a wild idea.

Without asking for permission, they’re going to host the ultimate house party while the homeowner – basketball star LeBron James – is away.

Will everything go according to plan or will things get out of control? Come along for the ride and find out what happens in this “House Party” remake!

IMDb Rating: 5.1
Popularity: #84
Release Date: January 13 in theaters


“Varisu” is a Tamil language action-suspense thriller starring Joseph Vijay as Vijay Rajendran. The movie begins with the story of a large, happy family and their successful business, until the unexpected death of their foster father. Chaos ensues as their carefully balanced family life, and the business is thrown into disarray.

As questions arise over how the loss in business happened and why the family is being torn apart, “Varisu” leaves you at the edge of your seat as it follows Vijay Rajendran on his journey to uncover and resolve the truth behind it all.

IMDb Rating: 7.0
Popularity: #93
Release Date: January 11 in theaters

Reba McEntire’s the Hammer

“The Hammer” starring Reba McEntire takes a close look at the world of justice when Kim Wheeler (McEntire), an attorney, is appointed judge for Nevada’s 5th district after her predecessor’s death.

As she starts her new role, the investigation into the death intensifies and soon enough Kim’s sister, who runs a local brothel, becomes the prime suspect.

“The Hammer’s” raw and thrilling narrative reveals what a deep examination of character really looks like and how far someone will go to defend their family no matter the circumstances.

Between Kim having to defend her own sister in court and wage a battle against thousands of years of oppressive legal systems, “The Hammer” shows exactly why Reba McEntire is one of country music’s most famous stars.

IMDb Rating: 7.2
Popularity: #104
Release Date: January 7 on Lifetime

Dog Gone

“Dog Gone” is an inspiring movie based on the true story of a father, Rob Lowe, and son, Johnny Berchtold, who embark on a treacherous journey on the Appalachian Trail to find their beloved lost dog.

Despite the trials and tribulations in their own relationship, they are determined to reunite with their beloved pet. With time running out and danger lurking around every corner, they have to use all their strength and courage in order to prevail and make it back home with the missing member of their family.

“Dog Gone” is an unforgettable film that celebrates the power of determination and reminds us that love never dies.

IMDb Rating: 6.0
Popularity: #109
Release Date: January 13 on Netflix


“Thunivu” is a Tamil language film that showcases the daring behavior of Daredevil, an infamous criminal mastermind, and his crew.

In “Thunivu”, Daredevil formulates and executes bank heists throughout Chennai to obtain corporate looted people’s money.

Despite the risks associated with these heists, each mission proves to be a success, as Daredevil’s team manages to outwit the authorities and make away with the money.

“Thunivu” gives an exhilarating glimpse at the unpredictable life of criminals and serves as an example of their destructive strategy in action.

IMDb Rating: 7.0
Popularity: #146
Release Date: January 11 in theaters

You People

“You People”, the new movie starring Jonah Hill, is sure to be an interesting exploration of modern love and family dynamics.

This film follows a young couple and their families as they navigate through clashing cultures, standards set by society, and even generational differences.

With the plot’s wide array of obstacles thrown in their path, the couple must try to determine what “true love” looks like when all these opposing forces are affecting their relationship.

We can be sure “You People” will bring us an engaging story with some real heart along with its informative plot line.

Popularity: #205
Release Date: January 27 on Netflix

Infinity Pool

“Infinity Pool” is an edge-of-your-seat thriller that follows James and Em Foster (Alexander Skarsgård, Cleopatra Coleman) on their all-inclusive beach vacation to the fictional island of La Tolqa.

With its vibrant yet serene atmosphere, this paradise quickly becomes a nightmare of crime, violence, and surreal horror as the couple discovers a sinister subculture beneath the blissful resort facade.

Held hostage by this “pay to die” policy, they are pushed past their limits and must decide whether to take justice into their own hands or “purchase” their lives with an immense sum of money.

Popularity: #235
Release Date: January 27 in theaters

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