Here’s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from tonight’s episode of Masterchef, “Top 14 Compete.”

MasterChef starts with a motorcycle competition on the beach and ends with a pressure cooker that pops out a surprise ending.

High Five Highlights:

5. Max doesn’t like the beach: It’s boring, he says when he finds out that the next competition will take place on the beach. The contestants will break into two teams and cook sausage for motorcycle riders. That’s OK, Max. Most of the contestants don’t like you.

4. Picked Last: Not surprisingly that Max is picked last when the blue and red teams are chosen. I’m sure several of the contestants were picked last in gym during their school days but at eighteen, Max’s memory of it is probably the freshest.

3. Red Team: Max and Esther team off: Not surprising that when Esther is stuck with Max on her team, the two don’t get along. Max’s ego and Esther’s ability to argue like a lawyer (since she is one) make for good TV but Esther isn’t the only one who isn’t getting along with Max. Another team mate, Christine, and Max have to work together and it causes the red team to lose the challenge.

2. Blue Team: Tracy vs. the Green Pepper: Tracy, leader of the Blue Team, wants to lose the green pepper in her sausage despite her teammates cries that green peppers and onions complement each other so well, especially in a sausage sandwich.

1.There’s a truck in the kitchen: And Esther just threw Christine and Max under it. The two end up being the only two to have to compete in the pressure cooker. Ramsey gives Esther the chance to sub herself in for one of them but of course, she chooses to remain safe from elimination. Of course, who wouldn’t? In a surprise twist, Max is eliminated leaving the rest of us to wonder…


– Who is going to take the place of Max as the most hated contestant on this season of Masterchef?

Jennifer Leah Peck
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