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Fresh off its Golden Globe victory for Best TV Drama, Mad Men returns this summer for its highly anticipated season 3 despite prolonged contract negotiations between producer Lionsgate TV and creator/exec producer Matthew Weiner.  Mad Men will being season 3 on August 16.

TV Guide‘s Mickey O’Connor announced: “Tell you what, I can officially narrow down the “summer” return date to early August.  As with last season, don’t expect tidy resolutions to the finale’s cliff-hangers — e.g., Peggy’s revelation to Pete, Betty’s pregnancy, Joan’s rape — since the show will most surely jump ahead in time again.”

O’Connor added: “Can you think of any 1960s historical events that might serve as a juicy metaphorical backdrop (as the Cuban Missile Crisis did in Season 2)?  I can.”

There has barely been any statement from the creators and network yet, but things are looking fairly positive for the upcoming season of Mad Men.  Earlier this year, the fate of the Emmy Award-winning drama about early-1960s advertising executives has been decided during a panel discussion held in Los Angeles by the cable channel AMC during the Television Critics Association tour. 

Negotiations with series creator Weiner were underway at the time, since his previous contract expired after season 2 of the acclaimed series.  In addition to that, he reportedly sought a hefty salary increase which has caused a bit of trouble for the network . Even so, AMC’s Charlie Collier reassured fans that the series is far from over.

“As long as the writers room is up and running in the next few months, it should work fine,” Collier said.  “As I said before, the schedule has always been for the third quarter, and we plan to keep it.”

In addition to that, the return of Mad Men will lead into the launch of The Prisoner, the six-part series remake of the classic 1960s British drama of the same name.

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