Felicity Huffman as Lynette Scavo

Lynette Scavo, on the television series Desperate Housewives, is played by Felicity Huffman. Lynette was once driven by her career as a successful advertising executive. She was capable of completing any tasks that were given to her, but had to bid farewell to the corporate world when she and her husband Tom decided it was time for them to have children. Within the six years that followed her departure from her company, Lynette and Tom welcomed twin boys, another son and one daughter to the world.

Her children have been known for their notorious behavior in Wisteria Lane, and in her attempt to maintain control and seem organized, she began taking her children’s ADD medication. Soon, she became addicted to the drug, but eventually was able to beat her addiction with the aid of her best girlfriends. Admitting her weaknesses, Lynette and Tom decided to hire a nanny, but it soon became apparent that Tom had a small crush on the young nanny. Lynette tried to discredit the nanny by setting up a hidden camera, and was forced to over the edge when her children started preferring the affection of the nanny over hers.

Another example of Lynette’s tendency to interfere and manipulate situations involved Tom and a promotion in his company. Tom was the likely candidate for a promotion, but instead of giving Tom her full support, she went behind his back and caused Tom to lose the promotion. Lynette was afraid that the promotion would require Tom to spend less time with her and the children, and when Tom found out about her deceitful and sneaky act, he quit his job and took over the duties at home, urging Lynette to go back to work. Although happy about the prospect of returning to her fast-paced life, Lynette soon realized that not only had she been away from the working force for seven long years, she also had to compete against younger, fresher and equally driven individuals.

(Photo courtesy of ABC)

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