Only six-weeks remain until LOST’s February 7th return and with the latest LOST Moments revealing ever more tantalizing glimpses into the goings on island-side, we figured it was time to put the clues and hunches against the spoilers and try to figure out what the fate will be of some of our favorite characters. The result? A spoilerific road-map of possibilities.
Ben Ben will no doubt live. Sci-Fi Talk did an interview with Michael Emerson, who plays Ben, and he indicated he would be filming for the entire season. But what about Ben’s influence, or lack thereof? Nimble-eared folks probably recall hearing that bully Pickett mention “Jacob”. A lot of theorists out there are quick to point out in Bible terms Jacob is Ben’s father. Carlton Cuse said in the Stephen King issue of Entertainment Weekly (quoted here at Spoilerfix) that the names do have meanings. This could indicate anything from Jacob is Ben’s father, to more of a symbolic meaning that Jacob is Ben’s father figure. No matter how you slice it, looks like Ben used the resources of the others against the wishes of their defacto leader. Is Ben the leader of a sect? Is big daddy going to be mad? Why are the other others hidden away? Is it the sickness? Or something worse? Juliet We are going to learn a lot about Juliet’s off island life in the first episode back “Not in Portland”. Amongst other things, we will learn a connection with Ethan Rom. Also, according to the official ABC description for the episode Juliet will do something that will put her in peril with her people. My prediction? Juliet shoots Pickett and leaves with Kate and Sawyer, just as her flash-back reveals a love connection with Ethan Rom, leaving us to question if she is on a mission to help the 815’rs or get revenge for her fallen hubby. Jack We last saw Jack totally in control with the fate of Ben’s kidney in his hands. LOST Moments reveal that he is going to lose radio contact with Kate just after learning that there is no way off the island. Naturally, he can’t leave the operating room without losing his leverage; something tells me these others have limits where Ben’s life is concerned and letting the only surgeon possibly escape without stitching up Ben’s kidney aint gonna happen. Juliet will be the hero that gets Kate and Sawyer off the island, Jack will be left to face the consequences of his actions. Prediction? Ben will make a stunning recovery and offer to give jack what he bartered for, a trip off the island, but the offer is going to be usurped by Jacob. As far as LOST moment five goes, this is what the tailies-now-among-the-others have come to see: Jacob. As far as what pied piper tune got them there… we will be left with a classic LOST cliff-hangar and will have to wait until later in the season to find out. Want more? Like a good LOST stall tactic, I’m outta here! But be sure to tune in tomorrow for Part Two: Kate, Sawyer, and Desmond. – Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Features Writer


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