By the end of Lost’s fourth season, a main character will die.  No one has confirmed this, but it just has to be true.  All hell is going to break loose on the island as the season finale approaches, and it wouldn’t make sense if the body count at the end of it all was zero.  Who, then?  That’s a difficult questions.  Lost is a merchant of shock and awe, specializing in surprise twists and surprise deaths.  With the advent of the flash forwards, we know a handful of our favorite Lost characters are safe – Hurley, Ben, Jack, Kate, Sayid and Sun.  In a story on E! Online yesterday, there was a spoiler regarding a character who doesn’t make it off the island by the finale, but remains alive on the island.  Read on to find out who. 


Sawyer, apparently, is not going to die.  This pleases me greatly, as Sawyer has always been a favorite character of mine.  Even without Sawyer, there are a lot of contenders to kick the bucket. 

Desmond – Odds: 40/1

There’s just too much of his story left to be told, right?  With the emergence of Charles Widmore as a major player in Lost mythology, Desmond remains a key cog by default. With Desmond, the Lost writers also get to air their once-a-season time traveling episode.  I don’t see any way he dies.

Locke – Odds: 10/1

Locke and the island, they’ve got a special thing going.  That story is still a mystery, and I think Locke will have a lot to say about how the Lost story ends up over the last two season.

Jin – Odds: 6/1

He might be dead, he might be alive.  Even though we saw a tearful Sun at Jin’s grave during a fast forward, that grave is likely empty.  He could have died on the island as he tried to get Sun and her unborn child off, or he could’ve given up his ride home so Sun could go.  My hunch is that he stays on the island – Sawyer needs a buddy. 

Michael – Odds: 4/1

Michael has a lot of story left to be told – if Lost wants to tell it.  But, what Michael also has is the need to redeem himself after killing Libby and Ana-Lucia.  He’s got those deaths on his conscience, and it’d be poetic for Michael to sacrifice himself to save someone else.  Add that to the fact that he has no life on the mainland, and I think Michael’s end may be near. 

Claire – Odds: Even Money

I keep coming back to the fact that Claire would never willingly part with her bay-bay.  Even if there were only so many seats on the way home, there’s no way Kate would steal a seat from Claire – ditto for Sayid or Jack or Hurley.  What circumstance would see Claire willingly part from her child?  Thursday’s episode should answer some of those questions, but I still think Claire will be offed by the season finale. 

A Theory:

This theory isn’t mine, but is one I found on DocArzt’s blog.  It goes like this: there are a lot of un-dead people on the island – Yemi, Christian, Kate’s horse, etc.  What if Claire died already in that raid on New Otherton two episodes ago and isn’t “allowed” to go back to the mainland?  This could be one way to keep Claire on the show and have her be separated from Aaron.  Not sure if I buy it, but it’s an idea.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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