J.J. Abrams is one of the busiest men in Hollywood.  He’s currently working on the big re-invention of the Star Trek film franchise, he has a new series hitting FOX in the Fall (Fringe), and is slated to work on a feature film adaptation of Stephen King’s Dark Tower book series. While his duties on Lost are minimal at this point, he’s still technically the show’s executive producer.  Late last week, Abrams heaped on another project to his already chock-full schedule.  Abrams and his production company Bad Robot have purchased the film rights to a recent New York Times article called “The Mystery on Fifth Avenue.”  The article is about a Manhattan couple who spent over eight million dollars remodeling their house to include an intense scavenger hunt (complete with puzzles, maps, and a soundtrack) for their four kids. 

The couple’s architectural designer specifically built a series of puzzles and clues into the apartment.  It’s a wild story, and depending upon how Abrams and crew adapt it, could be very cool.  Knowing Abrams, the film will probably have some Lost infused into it, and end up being something sinister.  After all, you can’t just have a movie about a cool apartment and expect it to be successful.  The article, written by Penelope Green, will reportedly be adapted into a screenplay by Maya Forbes and Wally Wolodarsky.

I’ve always thought that Lost was very similar to the computer game Myst, but this apartment is probably a much closer comparison to the computer game, with its intricate mysteries and puzzles.  What happens when the kids’ finish all the puzzles in the apartment?   I guess the place will still look cool, and the kids will be better off for it.  Looking at the pictures of the apartment at NewYorkTimes.com, I can’t even imagine the fun I would have had in that house as a kid. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: NewYorkTImes.com, Zap2It
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Oscar Dahl

Senior Writer, BuddyTV