Smallville season six left viewers with many unanswered questions and Lionel Luthor, played by John Glover, in bad shape. However, Glover already confirmed to TV Guide that he will be returning in season seven, plus he also spoke about his thoughts on the departure of Martha Kent and his character.

Glover, a 62-year old actor and native of Salisbury, Maryland, currently plays Lionel Luthor, father of Lex and founder of LuthorCorp on Smallville. His acting credits include Scrooged, Payback, The Riddler, Batman and Robin, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and the Broadway musical The Drowsy Chaperone.

In an interview with TV Guide, he spoke about his sentiments on Smallville season seven. While he will certainly be back next season, he mentioned that he will miss the on-screen flirtation between him and Annette O’Toole, whose character Martha Kent is off to Washington, D.C.

“I’m going to miss Martha! There’s nothing to be done… unless I write her a love letter. I don’t know if they’ll deal with it on the show but [Annette O’Toole‘s] contract’s up and I don’t think she’s coming back,” said the Smallville actor.

Last season, Glover’s character appeared to be focusing on his good side, often protecting Clark. When asked if he’s changed for the better, he said, “Not completely. Remember, how many fathers out there have given their son shock treatment and insist it’s for his own good? As long as Lionel stays interesting… The [writers] attempted to make him good before, but it didn’t work. That’s one of the challenges of Smallville. I don’t think they thought it would be on this long. They kind of planned on four years, the high-school years.”

Meanwhile, other tidbits about Smallville season seven are gradually surfacing the news. After the news about the addition of a new character Kara, Clark’s Kryptonian cousin who is also known as Supergirl, another character is said to join the cast of the popular science fiction series.

According to E! Online, Smallville season seven returns with a new character named Greg who will be the new editor-in-chief of the fictional broadsheet newspaper The Daily Planet and is said to be the smart and sexy love interest of Lois Lane.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: TV Guide, Spoilerfix

Kris De Leon

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