Joanne Borgella is a 25 year old singer from Hoboken, New Jersey. Joanne has been singing for years, though has most recently been working as a plus-size model. Joann Borgella’s singing ability has led to big opportunities, like singing the National Anthem at Madison Square Garden. Her Philadelphia audition in front of the American Idol judges wasn’t incredible, but it was enough to send her to Hollywood.

Her journey on American Idol ended on the first week of the show, as she was one of the season’s first four contenders eliminated. However, she stays in a positive light and keeps her head up high despite her elimination.

“I seriously feel like a winner. I have no problems having had left last night,” Joanne said in her exit interview. “I’m sure if anyone saw me, I was actually happy. It was just amazing to even be part of this experience.”

As for her future, she plans on taking on her dreams one step at a time.

“Modeling, definitely, singing of course number one, I want to have an album and continue modeling and acting, as well, I went to school for that,” she says. “I’m definitely going to just continue doing what I’m doing. I think it has just opened like 80 billion more doors. So I’m excited.”

But for Joanne, “singing by far is always going to be my favorite. I mean if the world could be a musical, I would be the lead singer in it. As far as modeling is concerned, I absolutely love doing it.”

Week 1: “I Say a Little Prayer”

Joanne Borgella Audition Video:

(Photo courtesy of FOX)