I’m fairly in tune with the Twilight fandom and I know that there’s a great divide when it comes to Bella Swan. Some people think Kristen Stewart is wonderful, great, awesome and cute while others think she’s neurotic, too high, rude and annoying. In light of recent hate mail rumors, I wanted to step up to the plate and defend my girl Kristen.

So maybe you’re not all sending hate mail to Kristen Stewart’s publicist. So maybe you’re not jealous that she gets to make out with Robert Pattinson. So maybe you’re not a little bit angry that she turned down said potential make out session during the MTV Movie Awards best kiss acceptance speech. However you’re feeling, there’s obviously some underlying negativity. I’ve compiled a list of reasons why I think Kristen Stewart is pretty cool.

1. She doesn’t buy into the fame thing.
Kristen Stewart could be a first class diva if she wanted to be. People would do anything to please her because, at the moment, she’s part of a huge cash cow. Although she doesn’t share as big of a chunk of the fanbase as RPattz, it’s pretty clear she could throw around some weight. I haven’t heard a single story of Kristen pulling a Lindsay Lohan on set. In fact, unlike many, she doesn’t even want to be famous. This can be seen as ungrateful, but I think she just doesn’t care. Which brings me to my next point.

2. Kristen doesn’t pretend to be someone she’s not.
We’ve all seen her flip off cameras, smoke pot and generally act a bit strange. Although it doesn’t paint the picture of a role model, Stewart tends to just do whatever she wants. After being caught smoking pot on her stoop, she then has pictures taken of her marijuana bikini. Well, I guess Kristen Stewart smokes pot. She’s obviously not hiding it. I won’t get into the morality but I will say that it’s fairly obvious she’s just being herself. If she were a bit older and starring in a Seth Rogan comedy (and probably male), people wouldn’t care as much.

3. She dropped her golden popcorn.
Okay, I loved that moment. The group I was watching the MTV Movie Awards with wanted to turn it off but I asked them to wait until the Kristen Stewart speech I knew was coming. “It’s going to be awesomely awkward. I promise.” No joke. And then, she topped my wildest dreams. She fumbled her award, broke a piece off and then said, “I was just about as awkward as you thought I was going to be. Bye.” Yes, Kristen, yes you were.

4. Bella Swan is just as unsure of herself.
Bella is not talkative, a bad liar, awkward, always in her head, and does not relate well to people. These are actual descriptors from the books. Kristen Stewart, the person, fits pretty well. What she lacks, she makes up for, in what I consider, good acting. After the Twilight experiment, all of my coworkers (minus one who was in love with Robert Pattinson) said that Kristen Stewart was the best part of the movie. With no previous background, knowledge of Twilight, etc, they liked her performance best. They said she came across as the average teenage girl and one said she saw a bit of herself in Stewart’s Bella. Bella Swan, if anything, is supposed to be the every-girl. Although Stewart, herself, might not be, her portrayal of Bella hits the mark.

5. Her fake tabloid love life keeps me mildly entertained.
Kristen Stewart has been linked with everyone. She’s rumored to be dating Robert Pattinson and most Robsten fans believe it, but Rob’s not the only rumor. Some people have speculated a Nikki Reed and Kristen Stewart hook-up. To fuel that fire, there’s a rumored lesbian scene between her and Dakota Fanning in The Runaways. No one knows where Michael Arangano has gone. The real kicker is that Kristen Stewart probably doesn’t care about any of the rumors. Her love life is her love life and she’s just doing her own thing. I respect that.

So, it might not be a huge list, but it’s the best I’ve got. I like Kristen Stewart despite all of her flaws – maybe because of all her flaws. So, am I the only one out there? I know KStew has her own fan base somewhere. Who’s with me?

-Kim Wetter, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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