Despite not having a hit in her more than 30 television series appearances, Debrah Farentino remains to be a tenacious actress who is determined to linger in the limelight. And although she has proclaimed herself to be the “queen of critically acclaimed failed television series,” many are still enthralled with her acting expertise, evident in her unremitting offers. Included in People Magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful People in the World” in 1995, she proves that she can be lovely and stunning despite her pregnancy with her daughter Sophie. Undeniably pretty, she makes the most of her model-figure, her gracefulness and sense of style, in all her endeavors, whether in film or in television. At present, she stars on the science fiction series Eureka.

Born on September 30, 1959 in Lucas Valley, California, Debrah Farentino attended the University of California in Los Angeles. She first worked as a model with Ford prior to her pursuit of acting. As an actress, she appeared on television shows like Capitol, Son of the Pink Panther, NYPD Blue, The Outer Limits, JAG, CSI: Miami, Earth 2 and Wildfire among others.

On Eureka, Farentino plays Beverly Barlowe, a brilliant psychotherapist who lends her trained ear to discover the town’s most intimate secrets. Provocative and engulfed with mystery, she often uses her sex appeal to her advantage. Her inclusion on the science fiction series certainly spices up the plot.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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