Josh Stewart may appear as an average kind of guy but a closer glimpse of this celebrity will furnish an impression of a gorgeous hunk. Armed with a handy acting background, he takes on Hollywood with his witty personality and brilliant talent. Moreover, he became part of the show Dirt, which further exposes his thriving career.

Hot List: Dirt - Josh Stewart

Born in Diana, West Virginia, Josh Stewart studied at West Virginia Wesleyan College and graduated from West Virginia University where he acquired his business degree in marketing. As an actor, he started with theater productions like Light Bulb and Beacon. He appeared on the crime drama CSI and was a regular on the police drama series Third Watch.

Playing Holt McLaren on the show Dirt allows Stewart to showcase his artistic acting talent as he portrays a character who is an actor struggling to revive his career in the limelight. A delight to watch, he gives the viewers a taste of his breezy yet unassuming presence, which gives the show a refreshing facet.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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