Tonight on Heroes: The Bennet family eats breakfast together (And Lyle’s actually there!), and Sandra grills Claire about her recent college visit, and H.R.G. about his “new job.” Claire gets a text from the mysterious Rebel telling her to warn Alex in Sam’s Comic Book Store that he’s in danger. Claire watches Noah lie to Sandra about the fake trip, and storms upstairs to her room.  He gives that refrain we all know so well about lying to his family to keep them safe, and warns Claire about how the whole family is being watched carefully. He enrolled her in community college, and warns there will be hell to pay if she’s not in the front row of her Lit 101 class on Monday.

Nathan’s Hero hunters are holed up in Building 26, and they’ve got photos of their targets. Claire’s not being hunted, but she’s on probation and under surveillance. Nathan comes in and tells Danko that he requested more funding to facilitate catching the fugitives. He tells the team to hunt them and bring them home alive.

Meanwhile, Luke and Sylar continue their road trip to find Sylar’s dad. Luke teases Sylar with hints about where they’re going, and Sylar stops the car. He wants to know exactly where they are going, and after Luke lies twice, he tries to scare Luke by telling him about all that skull cutting and brain stealing he’s been doing. Luke calls him a serial killer (and then defines it) and reminds Sylar that he can’t kill him, because then he’ll never find his dad. Yeah, Sylar’s got it. Also, they’re being watched by Danko’s dudes.

Claire goes to see Alex in Sam’s comic book store. She tells him he’s in danger, and he thinks she’s that new sort of human telegram where instead of a song, you get a lapdance. Score! (He doesn’t talk to girls much.) Claire’s super-dramatic stare isn’t convincing him, so she cuts her hand and lets him watch it heal. Just then, Noah walks in. Twist! He’s the threat. Alex and Claire sneak around the tiny store until Alex runs into Noah, who asks him to step outside and talk about parking tickets. Claire calls Noah from across the room to distract him. Alex pushes a case of comics onto Noah and runs. Claire catches up, they get into his red convertible and drive off.

Hiro and Ando arrive in India at the spot of Parkman’s drawing, which showed Hiro, a woman in red, and a man on the ground at a wedding. Hiro knows he is destined to stop the wedding and save the bride. He goes to see when the wedding starts, when Ando sees the woman and follows her inside.  He introduces himself. Her name is Annapura, and says his name is familiar. She is sad, and Ando tells her to call off the wedding. She’s been waiting for a sign to tell her what to do. Ando shows her his super charging hands, and she says that he must be the sign from heaven. She says that the wedding is off, and calls Ando her hero (because giving someone an excuse to do what they already wanted to do makes you a hero). Hiro walks in and, like a neglected 6 year old, woefully exclaims that he’s the hero, but nobody sees or hears him (just like a 6 year old). Poor Hiro’s no hero after all.

Abby Collins (Moira Kelly, from One Tree Hill, and one of my favorite movies EVER, The Cutting Edge) from Homeland Security shows up to Building 26 to find out where all their money’s going. Nathan givers her a tour, and tells her that the money is to reinforce Eagle Rock prison, which is inadequate to hold the prisoners. Abby scoffs. She doesn’t believe in magic, and the president is concerned about media exposure that he’s pumping millions of dollars into Nathan’s crazy plan. Nathan tells her that he has one prisoner in the building, and she goes nuts over this thing called Miranda Rights that Nathan forgot existed. She’s the new boss, and she wants to see this prisoner NOW. She’s sassy, and she doesn’t like Nathan. I like Abby.

Back on the road, Luke’s trying to be Sylar’s buddy, and Sylar threatens to kill him. Luke tells Sylar that he used to go birdwatching with Sylar’s dad, who toted all his supplies in a rusty red wagon. Sylar remembers the wagon because he used to ride in it. He starts talking about trees that look like snake fingers (what?) until Luke ruins the happy moment by telling him that dear old dad sold him for some quick cash. I wonder how much a young potential murderer goes for nowadays.

Abby walks into a room where Traci’s shackled to a chair and being grilled by red heat lamps. Maybe in Building 26 they try to torture you by doing the opposite of your superpower. Turns out Traci and Abby know each other from political-blah-blah-blah, and Traci pleads for Abby to let her go because they’re buddies. Abby tells Nathan she’s going to shut him down and slap him with tons of human rights violations. Awesome! If only she had slapped him in the face, too.

Alex and Claire drive to a parking lot, and he tells Claire he has the ability to breathe under water. He always felt like a freak and didn’t know there were others like him. Claire tells him not to go home or use his credit cards. Claire sees a suspicious car drive past twice. They get out and run, and watch as a team of agents approach the car and dust it for Aqua Man gill prints… or something.

Ando and Hiro enjoy a victory lunch at Annapura’s restaurant, which she has owned for two years. She’s marrying Deepak (Thanks to our Indian readers for helping me out with the spelling!) to fulfill her grandfather’s wishes, who believes women are for baby-making. Her fiancé is dangerous and powerful, and above the law, so her grandfather was too frightened to deny his request. She calls Ando her hero again for convincing her to do what she wanted to do in the first place. Hiro is jealous, and tells Ando that he stole Hiro’s chance to get his power back (what?). Ando did it wrong. No, Ando says, “I did it my way. And that’s what bothers you.” Hiro can’t stand being the new sidekick without powers. Just then, an angry man comes into the restaurant. He’s the groom, and he’s beyond pissed. “Go on, hero, save the day,” Hiro tells a scared Ando. Heh. Ando interrupts the couple’s fight, and the man picks up a big pot, knocks Ando over the head with it, and carries him off. Wow, this is making India look awesome.

Noah calls Danko, who knows that Claire’s behind Aqua Man’s escape. Noah denies it.

Luke and Sylar sit in the greasy spoon, and Sylar gives Luke lessons about how to be a sociopath: always use your powers for a reason, always have an objective, keep a clear head, and always understand your motivation. Sylar’s newest motivation is to meet the man who made him and find some answers about why he turned out the way he did. Luke feels sorry for Sylar and writes down the address. It’s a 2 day drive. Now Luke’s just hoping that Sylar won’t kill him (not the best hope to have, Captain Cook). Danko’s agents have been following the two the whole time, and they surround them in the diner. A fight ends with Sylar escaping and leaving Luke there. The agents taser him and put him in a black van.

Turns out that Deepak will let Ando go if Annapura honors her  commitment to marry him. The wedding starts, but Hiro walks in and yells “Stop!” He explains to the guests quite rationally that she is being forced into it against her will, and that Deepak kidnapped his friend, who is being held hostage. Annapura confronts her grandfather (who looks 20 years older than her, tops), and tells him that traditional marriage is “not her destiny.” (Hiro is so pumped that someone else knows Destiny!) Deepak says that the “woman in the bakery” belongs to him, and Hiro punches him and flashes a knife. He realizes that he’s a hero again AFTER ALL! YATTA!

H.R.G. confronts Claire at her car. He knows she’s lying about where she’s been all day, and warns her what will happen if she’s caught. She tells him he can’t control her anymore and drives off. 

Abby gives Nathan a notification to cease and desist his operation. Nathan tries to convince her that these people are dangerous, and she starts up again about how torturing American citizens is never justified. Oh, Abby. So passionate and convicted about your beliefs. Meanwhile, Traci is able to escape from her oven and is holding an agent hostage in the hallway. Abby and Nathan (and a bunch of agents with non-lethal weapons) watch as she freezes the guy and he shatters against the wall. Then they taser her and take her down. After she killed someone. Oops!

Nathan says he’s sorry that Abby had to  witness that (Translation: “I can’t believe my incredible luck that you saw her kill that guy.”) Now Abby is ready to stomp all over human rights with her bags full of money.

Sandra and Claire are alone in the house, and Claire takes the chance to tell her mom what Noah’s actually been doing: abducting innocent people. She explains that he’s working for a secret program, and about that whole plane crash thing. Noah walks in with Indian food (More Indian food!) and Sandra tells Claire to go upstairs, and Claire listens as her parents duke it out. H.R.G. says he doesn’t have a choice to work for the program. If he’s not on board, Claire will be on the list of captured heroes.

Nathan visits Traci, and she says that broken chain and unlocked door prove that Nathan wanted her to escape. “Next time I will,” she tells him.

At the diner, the black van backs up and suddenly stops. Lots of killing noises come from inside, and Sylar carries Luke out of the van full of dead agents, leaving huge bloody bootprints in his wake.

Back in India, Ando realizes that he “shouldn’t have interrupted destiny” (even though he didn’t) and Hiro learned that he doesn’t need powers to be a hero (actually, he needed the powers of persuasion and knife wielding). Annapura shows Ando and Hiro a fax that came to her restaurants for them. It’s from Rebel, and tells them to save Matt Parkman. “It’s a message from Destiny!” Hiro says. (No, actually it’s from Rebel, remember?)

Noah comes upstairs and tells Claire that Sandra wants him to move out of the house for a while. He wants to be a better person and not tell lies anymore. “We’ll get through this. I love you, Claire Bear,” he tells her. They cry, and she gives him a hug. He leaves. Aqua Man Alex walks out of the closet. (Is that a hint? No new love interest for Claire?)

Luke thanks Sylar for coming back for him. Sylar says he came back to investigate how the tracking device in the car worked. He turns on the radio, and a song about a psycho killer comes on. Luke is all, OMG IRONY! and laughs.

Nathan knows it was Danko who let Traci out. Danko admits that he did it to save the operation. He’s sorry that a man had to die because of it (Translation: he doesn’t care.) Nathan tells Danko to apologize to the man’s bloodstain, because it’s still warm… even though he was an icicle—ZING!

Noah drinks away his sorrows at a hotel bar. But uh oh, somebody drugged his drink. The bartender just watches as Peter, Suresh, and Parkman pick him up and carry him out.

-Meghan Carlson, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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