Previously on Heroes: Everyone gathered at Kirby Plaza to stop an exploding man. Sylar was stabbed, but slunk away, while Nathan flew Peter into the sky before his little brother went thermonuclear. Four months later, shirtless, amnesiac Peter was in a shipping container in Ireland, Nathan had a beard, and a whole lot of other stuff happened, but we get absolutely no Sylar, Parkman, Mohinder, HRG, Claire or Hiro tonight.

Instead on tonight’s Heroes, we find out a whole lot about Peter, Adam, Elle, Bob, Niki, DL and the Wonder Twins.  The episode begins where the last one left off, with Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) getting a visit from Adam Monroe (David Anders), aka Kensei.  Adam knows all about the Haitian, but suggests that the healing ability can also repair the mind, so Adam instructs Peter to think about what he cares the most about: Nathan (Adrian Pasdar).  We zoom into Peter’s eye and get a lot of flashbacks until…

…BAM!  We’re at Kirby Plaza four months ago.  Big brother Nathan is flying Peter into the sky before Peter begs him to just let go and get away.  He does, but the blast still injures Nathan.  Luckily, Peter can explode and still be alright and still fly, so he catches Nathan and rushes him to the hospital.  Nathan’s safe, but Peter gets a dose of electricity, courtesy of everybody’s favorite former Neptune resident.  Elle (Kristen Bell) and Bob (Stephen Tobolowsky) reveal themselves.

They bring him back to the Company, and Elle is having fun playing with her shiny new toy.  Bob and Elle give a brief introduction of who they are, and tell Peter his powers have been temporarily dampened because of the Haitian standing nearby.  They give a nice spiel about a cure to make Peter never hurt anyone he loves again.  Elle gives Peter a haircut (question answered!) while she gives him some “Haitian pills” designed to lessen his powers.  She does some flirty light electrocution, and damn, Bell is fantastic at playing the sex kitten.  When she leaves, Peter meets his new next door neighbor: Adam.

Adam bonds with Peter, going on about how he’s been locked away for more than three decades.  He looks quite good for his age.  Two months in, Elle pops in to play a game of electrocution.  She’s getting way too much pleasure out of it, and she basically is using Peter as her own personal sex toy, living out the wishes of many female Heroes fans.  Elle tells her sad story: she set her grandmother’s house on fire, and was brought into the Company at the age of 9, so she’s spent 16 years living an isolated life.  Adam is putting bad thoughts into Peter’s head about how the cure doesn’t work, and they’re in a prison. 

Peter wants to go out for a field trip to see his family, but Bob politely refuses.  Afterwards, he has another heart-to-heart with Adam, who says a while back he tried to make his powers public to help cure the world with his healing ability.  Yet another month later, Elle and Peter share a kiss, and it’s positively electrifying.  Sadly, the girl’s sex drive compromises the mission, because this is day five that Peter has avoided swallowing the medication, so he uses his power to walk through the wall and meet Adam, who is 400 years old.  Together, they walk right out of Company prison.

While Peter was in Company prison, Nathan is recuperating at the hospital.  He’s being tended to by Angela Petrelli (Cristine Rose, perhaps the single most underrated actress on all of TV).  Also at the hospital: Nathan’s wife!  Wow, nice to see Rena Sofer again.  Mama Petrelli wants the sickness to be kept a secret, and during the whole conversation, she’s touching Heidi and stroking her hair.  It’s getting pretty obvious that Angela has the power of persuasion.

Peter and Adam get to the hospital to fix up Nathan.  It works almost immediately, and unless my screen was too dark, Nathan appeared to still be clean shaven, meaning his beard at the start of this season was just weeks old.  Nathan could have two superpowers!  As they’re leaving, Elle arrives.  Adam says to meet up in Montreal before they split.  Elle shoot lightning at both of them, and the fire burns Peter’s shirt off.  Really, that’s how he came to be shirtless at the start of this season?  Anyway, Elle goes after Adam while the Haitian rushes after Peter.  He catches up and after beating him down, the noble Haitian helps Peter out because Angela Petrelli once did the same for him.  The Haitian wipes his memory and locks him in a shipping container to get him away from the Company.  And thus ends the story of how shirtless amnesiac Peter got a haircut and ended up in a shipping container in Ireland.

COMMERCIAL BREAK: I Am Legend and The Mist both look like totally kick ass movies.

Niki (Ali Larter) begins her post-Kirby Plaza life in the hospital, where she brought DL (Leonard Roberts) after he got shot by Mr. Linderman,  Apparently, DL is still alive.  This just got interesting.  They have no insurance, but the bill has been paid by none other than Bob, who shows up to right the ship that was set off course by Linderman.  He wants her to enter the program in order to cure her, though he also offers a less stable at-home remedy.  One month later, DL and Niki are throwing Micah (Noah Gray-Cabey) a birthday party.  Micah wants his family to be the Fantastic Four.  Niki is all messed up and out of it because of her medication.  She goes off her rocker and tosses the pills down the drain.

Niki’s hearing voices again, but Jessica is gone, and Gina has replaced her.  They swap places, and Niki is stuck in the mirror while Gina goes out to play.  Meanwhile, DL is a volunteer firefighter, using his powers for good.  DL goes out to a club in search of his wife, whose busy dancing with some dude, who gets upset when DL tries to break them up.  He punches DL, but his hand goes straight through the head.  DL shows Gina a photo of their family and gets Niki back.  As Niki and DL walk out, the guy approaches them again, and quickly draws and gun and shoots DL so blood splatters everywhere.  What a pathetically unfitting way to kill off that character.  At the funeral, Nana Dawson (Nichelle Nichols) promises to help.  As she leaves with Micah, Bob arrives for Niki, but there’s a total head nod between Bob and Nana Dawson.

In Santo Domingo, Alejandro (Shalim Ortiz) gets married.  But still being an idiot, he invites his bride’s ex-boyfriend.  Maya (Dania Ramirez) runs into those two bumping uglies, and while the ex-boyfriend threatens Maya, she gets her first ever case of Black Eyes.  Shortest marriage ever, because Alejandro’s new wife is dead, as is her ex-boyfriend.  Maya steps outside, and the party has stopped because…EVERYONE IS DEAD!  Much as I may hate them, I do like it when Maya just hauls off and kills an entire wedding party without even trying.  Somehow, Alejandro is still alive.

Three months later, Alejandro finally finds Maya, who has taken refuge as a Venezuelan nun.  He brought along a cop, who quickly gets the Black Eye of Death.   Alejandro and Maya do their creepy twin hand-holding to calm her down, then they run.

Back in the present day, Peter has finally remembered everything.  So it’s up to him and Adam to save the world.

On the next Heroes: Claire gets brought into the Company, and there appears to be an awesome power struggle with HRG, Mohinder, Bob, Claire and Elle that involves guns and possibly death.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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