Previously on Heroes: Peter’s in Ireland, Hiro’s in ancient Japan, Sylar and the Honduran Wonder Twins are crossing the border in a car, HRG and the Haitian are en route to the Ukraine for a painting, Claire is getting busy with West, Micah and Monica are chilling in the Big Easy and Parkman’s daddy is the Nightmare Man.

Tonight on Heroes: VERONICA MARS! Or Kristen Bell. Or Elle.  You’ll have to forgive me, but I can’t help but refer to her as Veronica Mars.  And since she’s looking for Peter at an Irish bar, it would be insane for me not to refer to the Wandering Rocks as the the River Styx and the Irish gang as the Fighting Fitzpatricks.  If you watched Veronica Mars, you know what I’m talking about.  If you didn’t watch, shame on you.

Amnesiac Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) is busy making out with the Irish lass Caitlin.  She thinks he should open his box, because someone is bound to be looking for a boy as pretty as he.  Cue Veronica Mars, scouring the Irish shipping yard in search of Peter.  He’s dangerous, and she works for the Company and is supposed to bring him back home.  One of the Fitzpatricks (or maybe it’s Danny Boyd) asks why they sent a weak little girl, and before Veronica can reach into her handy knapsack for her trusty tazer, she runs her hand over a storage container and sparks fly.  Literally.  Veronica Mars is a human tazer!  One might even call her Elle-ctric Girl.

The same Fitzpatrick warns Peter that a blonde girl is looking for him.  To calm himself, Peter goes back to Caitlin’s apartment, hopefully to lay down on a real bed.  He assures her he wans to be with her, but he has to open his box.  He discovers he’s Peter Petrelli from New York, with a one-way ticket to Montreal.  It’s no help, so he goes to her easel and turns into White Eyes.  When he’s done, it’s a painting of two figures standing in front of a church in a place with French street signs, most likely Montreal.  Seriously, when did Montreal become an epicenter of danger?

Veronica Mars makes her way to the River Styx and cracks wise with Liam Fitzpatrick, who denies knowing Peter.  She feigns leaving, then locks the door and turns on her human tazer to fry herself up some Irish stew.  At night, she’s in her car, talking to her boss.  She’s full of snarky goodness, trying to cover up her actions, but finally admitting that she killed the guy in a hilariously nonchalant manner.  She gets offended when she’s told to come home before she has him, but she finally agrees, apologizing to “daddy.”  So who was on the other line?  Bob?  HRG?  Nightmare Man?

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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