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Even with scary-low ratings and a show-massacre going on over at FOX, it looks like Chuck will, in fact, be back for a fifth season.

According to a report from, NBC is in the process of finalizing a deal that will bring back Chuck for at least part of a fifth season. The network has neither announced nor confirmed the deal, but TVLine cited sources which backed it up. The current deal would bring in a 13-episode fifth season.

Only one episode remains in Chuck‘s fourth season. With no word coming from NBC about the show’s fate before today, fans have long-since begun the yearly mobilization that is apparently necessary to keep Chuck on the air. This year’s fan-movement frontrunner, the #NotANielsenFamily Twitter campaign, resulted in a ridiculous number of tweets sent to Chuck advertisers during the show and throughout the past weeks.

It will be interesting to see if NBC cites this or other fan efforts when any official announcement comes.

The renewal deal, as reported so far, only allows for half a season, but that’s hardly anything new for Chuck. The show barely made it into season 4 and only had an initial order of 13 episodes for that season. Chuck got an order for the full season during the fall of 2010. Unless NBC turns itself around and manages a whole bunch of hits next year, Chuck stands a good chance of a full fifth season as well.

There is still no word on NBC’s other bubble shows possibly up for renewal: Parenthood and Law & Order: Los Angeles. Of the two, Parenthood is the more likely show to get another season, while Law & Order: L.A. hasn’t managed to find a strong audience, despite two versions already appearing during the 2010-2011 season.

As for the rest of network TV? There’s no way to know yet. But click here for some possible scenarios.

In the meantime, Chuck fans can cautiously rejoice that their beloved spies will indeed return for more missions in the fall of 2011!

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