It’s September already and returning shows are on their way to greet their exciting fans.  Yes, like Christmas or whatever gift-getting holiday you want to celebrate.  Anyway, there’s new scoop on the fourth season of Ugly Betty even though it won’t be up ’til October.  Still, it’s only just a month away.

Moving on, Hollyscoop reports that a model is on her way to a cameo on the show.  It’s Brooklyn Decker.  We might not be aware of her that well, but we know her better by her alias: Mrs. Andy Roddick.

The source reports that Decker will be getting a role as Betty’s (America Ferrera) co-worker at Mode.  Fans of hers (and her husband’s) aren’t the only ones thrilled at the news.  Decker herself expressed her anticipation at her appearance on the ABC series.

Earlier that week, she posted an update on her Twitter page.  “Working on an amazing set!!  Can’t tell you guys what it is… Just yet.  But I can tell you.. I’m loving it and can’t wait to spill the beans!”

Well, the beans have definitely been scattered.  There’s more to come, actually.  Decker won’t be alone in joining the cast of Ugly Betty, as the season of star surprises continues.  Well, the show was always known for their high-class guests.  Even if Paula Abdul won’t make it, there are still other celebrities worth hauling in.

Broadway World reports that Tony Award Winner Tommy Tune will also be taking part in the new season of the show.  What his role entails has been kept under wraps for now, but he was spotted filming some of his scenes at Times Square.

For the non-theatre buffs, Tommy Tune garnered his first Tony Award in the Broadway musical Seesaw and followed this up with another Tony for his performance in My One and Only.  Several of these later, the guy even had his own named after him.  As he is a Texas native, The Tommy Tune Awards is presented annually in Houston.

ABC is slowly revealing what’s in store for Betty this coming season and the guest list for the show can only get better from here.  Don’t miss the two-hour premiere of Ugly Betty on ABC on October 9.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Hollyscoop, BroadwayWorld
(Image Courtesy of Askmen/BroadwayWorld)

Maria Gonzalez

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