I’ll say this much. It’s over. We can collectively exhale. Tonight’s season 9 finale of Grey’s Anatomy, “Perfect Storm,” was filled with full-on disasters of epic proportion. As the storm raged, love was professed, relationships were broken, a baby was born, and a doctor fought to survive. In the aftermath of all this destruction, let’s assess the damage.

Owen and Cristina Talk Kids

Well, it finally happened. After dancing around the subject of children pretty much indefinitely, Cristina and Owen have The Talk on tonight’s finale … sort of. It was too short but what can you do? You want more? Go read some fan fiction.

Anyway, Cristina presses the issue and insists that Owen wants kids. Kids she does not want. And that he’s lying to himself and to her by not accepting that. He counters that he loves Cristina, wants a life with her and knows his own mind. Nevertheless, by episode’s end, Cristina professes her deep love for Owen and then breaks off their relationship as he protests. In essence she loves him enough to let him go, at least in her mind.

Do I think this will stick? Not for a minute. Walking away from each other never works out well for Owen and Cristina, so I’m not going to bother fretting over it all summer long. Instead, I’ll anticipate all of the great scenes we’ll get in season ten as this couple struggles to figure things out.

I Want You, I Love You

I was sure that April’s fiance, Matthew, would be toast in this episode. I was wrong. Instead, the love interest in peril was Jackson who nearly got blown to smithereens while rescuing a child from a burning bus. Shaken to her core that Jackson nearly died, April confronted him, saying she wanted him. Jackson protested that she’s getting married. Unless he gave her reason not to, she said pointedly. Japil fans, hope is still alive.

Meanwhile, Jo is kicking some serious butt in the NICU as Alex watches with a mixture of love and pride. He finally gathers his courage and starts to tell her how he feels, but wait! Jo doesn’t want to mess up their friendship. Karev goes for it anyway, telling Jo he loves her. She beams. They kiss. My Grinch-like Jolex heart may have grown one little size, mostly because I love Alex and he deserves to be happy, but overall … whatever.

Calzona on the Rocks

Sorry, Calzona fans. Arizona did cheat on Callie with Lauren. For real. Not a dream. Not a fantasy sequence. Nope. Infidelity. For which Arizona is feeling mightily guilty. It’s clever how Callie figures out what Arizona has done and the fallout is brutal, because the root of the cheating isn’t really Lauren at all. Arizona is angry with Callie. She wasn’t on the plane but tried to act like she was one of the survivors. She didn’t lose anything. Arizona lost … her … leg! Callie was dumbfounded saying that she had to cut off the leg to save Arizona’s life and sadly countered that she lost Mark. And now she’s lost Arizona. 

Meredith Fights for Her Life

Remember last week when Meredith went into labor at the start of the Super Storm? Turns out that was nothing. The power went out and Meredith had to have a C-section in the dark (kinda cool how that episode with the Syrians was foreshadowing, no?). There was a big fake-out as we thought that Baby Grey-Shepherd couldn’t breathe, but he was basically fine.

Too bad Meredith was not.

Somehow that fall she took caused some sort of internal bleeding (goodbye, spleen) and she almost died. Intern Shane did his best but in the end it was Miranda Bailey who saved the day and Meredith’s life. Thus, the heroine who had survived a bomb, a drowning, a gunman, and a plane crash lived to fight another day. MerDer named their baby Bailey, which is kind of awesome.

Is Richard Dead?

Want to know what is definitely NOT awesome? Richard looking pretty darn lifeless at the end of this season 9 finale having been electrocuted (!) while down in the depths of the hospital trying to restore the power. So help me, if Richard is dead … I can’t talk about it. Not my Richard.

Grey’s Anatomy will return in September for season 10 on ABC.

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