“Some things are just your fault. Some things you screw up and you can’t take back. No matter how hard you try. Some things you pay for the rest of your life.” — April Kepner

In a complete and fascinating departure from form, this week’s installment of Grey’s Anatomy, “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?”, featured no surgery. In fact, unless we count the utterly charming subplot (which provided comic relief in an extremely dark and twisted episode) with Andrew treating Maggie for a urinary tract infection, there were no patients. The entire hour centered around the dinner party that Meredith, Maggie, and Amelia were supposed to be hosting for their friends and colleagues. 

If we’re being honest, a dinner party thrown by these three is ridiculous under the best of circumstances. Add the fact that Callie’s new squeeze is the doc who contributed mightily to Derek’s death and we’ve got a very, very big problem.

What Are The Odds?

Though it was actually Callie who uttered these words, you can bet that this thought went through Meredith’s mind when she opened her door to Callie and Penny. Recovering quickly, Meredith acted as though she and Penny had never met, invited them inside, and made it clear to Penny that they would get through this night somehow. Then they would never have to see each other again.

That worked semi-well for awhile, although Alex Karev (again, love him!) knew immediately that something was wrong with Mer. The night went according to plan until Callie got called away to the hospital and Bailey announced that Penny was a new resident at Grey Sloan, having transferred from her now-shuttered medical center. Stunned and outraged, a disbelieving Meredith lost the self-control she had been working to achieve the whole night and then announced to the room that “perfect Penny killed my husband.”  Awkward!!!

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All About A “me” lia

As was to be expected, complete chaos followed this revelation. Meredith fled the scene and sought refuge upstairs and was comforted by Alex. Callie, who had returned from the hospital with Owen in tow, confronted Penny. The dinner guests were at a loss as to what they should do and Amelia, in typical Amelia fashion, made everything about her. In fairness, yes, Derek was her brother, but (as Owen rightly pointed out) the night had been terrible for many people, not just her. Meredith, Callie, and even Penny (as Jackson noted) had been ambushed. Owen eventually talked Amelia off the ledge but not before she and Meredith had a major blowup. And not before Owen, in an effort to dispute Amelia’s claim that he was “perfect,” confessed to wishing (if only for a moment) that Cristina had died in that plane crash years ago. He always knew deep in his heart that she would leave him and if she had died, they would have been “frozen in time” forever. (Yikes! Still processing all that.)

Calling It A Night

By evening’s end…

* Alex stayed by Meredith’s side – much to Jo’s annoyance.

* Jackson had some kind words for April 

* Arizona got totally drunk and inappropriate over Callie/Penny

* Jo apologized to Stephanie and they seemed to mend their friendship until Stephanie gave Jo a smack down about her skills and insecurities. (Still #TeamStephanie)

* Penny apologized yet again to Meredith and promised to find a different job

* Meredith told Penny that she would see her Monday and to not be late. So we’re getting yet another female character on the show. And by the looks of the promo, things are not going to go well.

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Alex: “This dinner party is gonna be a disaster.”

Amelia: “People are arriving and this still looks like ingredients. Do you have an ETA on dinner?”

Maggie: “You could roll up your sleeves and start chopping something!”

Amelia: “Food prep has never been my strong suit. I keep the guests happy. I’m more of a front of house gal.”

Alex: “What’s going on? Are you alright?”

Meredith: “I’m great. How are you?”

Alex: “You’re not great. You’re freaked out. You’re smiling a lot.”

Meredith: “I’m having a dinner party.”

Alex: “Yeah. Like you’re in a hostage video or something. Something’s wrong.”

Maggie (fretting that she’s contracted an STD from her escapades with Andrew): 

“I feel toxic. I need a battery of tests. And a Silkwood shower.” 

Meredith: “We are not ordering pizza. There is plenty of food here!”

Amelia: “No one knows how to cook it!”

Amelia (to April, who has volunteered to make dinner): “I could kiss you on the mouth.”

April: “Well, someone should.”

Drunk Arizona: “Find a Penny, pick it up! What? I’m being nice!”

Arizona: “Penny’s coming to work with us.”

Owen: “Oh! This is Penny?”

Arizona: ” Wait for it…”

Meredith to Amelia: “I did nothing to you. I lost my husband and the father of my children. And you’re falling apart? I don’t get to do that because I have three kids. So please shut up and get out of my room! [To Owen] Get her out of here before I kill her!”

Owen (about Cristina): 

“I always knew on some level that she’d leave me. And I wasn’t ready to be hurt like that…”

Owen (to Amelia): “We’re not perfect. So what.”

Meredith (reluctantly, about Penny): “Now she’s a person.”

Penny (to Meredith): “I didn’t forget about him. I never will. What you said that night about your husband being ‘my one’…I think about that night – about him – every day.”

Grey’s Anatomy returns November 5th on ABC.

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