Holy Cow! Grey’s Anatomy is on fire this season! Longtime readers know that on some level this is hard for me to accept, because I miss Cristina Yang and Crowen so much. Having said that, I believe that season eleven ranks up there with the best of Grey’s and my gut tells me that there is more greatness to come, but first things first. Tonight’s installment, “Crazy Love,” was an amazingly funny and heartfelt hour, fueled by high octane performances from the entire ensemble and rooted in deep, rich character history. I loved nearly every minute of it, despite the shadow of impending doom.

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Cat’s Out Of The Bag

The episode opened with a shot of the MerDer Post-It Note wedding vows followed by a MerDer sexy times montage. Things seem to be back on track with the McDreamys. Derek has to make just one last trip to D.C. to resign his position from the President’s Brain Mapping Initiative and then he’ll be back home for good.  

Speaking of sexy times, Amelia and Owen’s secret relationship is revealed when she turns up at the Dream House in the same clothes she was wearing the previous day (whoops!) and Owen arrives seconds later because she forgot her cell phone, presumably at the trailer. Derek already knew about Omelia and seemed to take the news pretty well. But Meredith? Not so much. In a moment that nearly had me dropping over dead from the shock, Meredith remembered that she had promised Cristina to look out for Owen’s welfare, lest he become ‘dark and twisty’ after Dr. Yang’s departure. Meredith warned Amelia to be careful in whatever this was with Owen, for both of their sake.

This Was A Mistake

Callie (ortho) and Amelia (neuro) work together to repair the spine of a young golf prodigy. Callie favors a more conservative approach, fearing the risk of paralysis. Amelia wants to go another direction, knowing that golf means everything to this young girl. Owen weighs in and sides with Amelia because her plan is solid and more closely adheres to the patient’s wishes. Things go badly wrong, however, when the damage to the spine is worse than anticipated. Amelia calls Callie in to help, but it’s too late. With luck, the patient will probably regain the ability to walk, but she will never golf again. The patient’s mom calls both Torres and Shepherd ‘crappy doctors.’ Amelia is devastated, despite Callie’s reassurances that there was nothing more they could have done. To top things off, Amelia lashes out at Owen, saying that their relationship compromised patient care and they should have kept their professional lives professional. And just like that, Omelia is off. I like Amelia but she went from zero to sixty in a heartbeat. Is this a red flag?

That is a Nice, Clean Cut

Meanwhile, a whole team of docs (Bailey, April, Jackson, Jo, and Stephanie) all work to help a man whose wife cut off his penis. Seems the patient (a chef and restaurant owner) had been carrying on with his sous chef and his wife responded in an extreme way. But here’s the kicker. The husband and wife made up (!) and then the sous chef cut off his penis a second time (!!!). Gotta love Grey’s Anatomy.

Anyway, who should be on the West Coast attending a conference? None other than Catherine Avery. April immediately called her in to operate on the patient. Catherine did a fabulous job, of course, and discovered that Stephanie had a natural talent for urology. Dr. Avery even offered Stephanie a fellowship down the road, but urology does not speak to her. All’s well that ends well, though, because Catherine and Richard finally reunite after months of estrangement and hurt feelings. Yay!

More Relationship Drama

We found out via a throwaway line of dialogue that Callie’s date with Officer Dan went badly. He was boring. No second date for him. In related news, we also learned that Maggie went on a date with Ethan the Radiologist. Maggie thought it went well, but Ethan seems to be ignoring her, so she seeks advice from…wait for it…Alex Karev, since he’s…you know…a guy. And what follows may have been some of my favorite scenes, well, ever. I love the Maggie/Alex friendship. He is totally being her Person! Full Disclosure: I am kind of shipping Malex now and not just because I don’t like Jolex. I realize they will probably never happen, so I will be content with what I can get, but can I just say it again because it bears repeating? I love Alex Karev! He is the best. Love. Him.

Storm Clouds On The Horizon

Towards the end of the episode, Amelia delivered one heck of a monologue to Meredith, telling her (essentially) to mind her own damn business. Meredith has no idea what Amelia has been through, losing the love of her life. Crying over his body. Struggling to go on without him. Trying to rebuild her life from scratch. Now I may be over thinking this, but this scene, coupled with Derek’s line to Meredith that he’ll “be back before you know it,” has me convinced that something terrible is about to happen to McDreamy. And, sure enough, Meredith takes a phone call in the closing scene. Derek never showed up for his meeting in D.C. Where could he be? Is Meredith about to walk in Amelia’s shoes? Cue sense of dread in 3…2…1…

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“I have work to do at work. I can’t do you, too!” – Meredith to Derek, who wants to ‘go again’

“So. Your sister and Owen?” – Meredith to Derek

“You’re pissed if we try. You’re pissed if we don’t try.” Alex to Maggie, who is complaining that Ethan didn’t seem to want to kiss her on their date.

“Cristina asked me to watch out for him. I promised I would.” – Meredith to Amelia

April and Catherine embracing on the helipad and the unspoken acknowledgment of April and Jackson’s lost baby.

Meditations on infidelity in the surgical gallery. Jam. Butter knives. Miranda at her best. Delicious.

“When one suffers an injury to his manhood, recovery is always challenging.” – Catherine to Richard

“There’s nothing wrong with you. It’s not your problem. It’s his problem.” – Alex to Maggie

The April/Richard throw down and resolution. So. Great. 

“Catherine Avery is my mother-in-law. So I’ll call her any damn time I feel like it.” – April to Richard

“When I get nervous, I tend to cover it up by talking a lot.” – Maggie to Ethan

“I love you and I’m not going anywhere.” – Richard to Catherine

“I believe we get more than one thing to love.” – Callie Torres

“Hey! Are you hungry? I hear it’s ‘tots’ day in the cafeteria.” – Jo to Alex

“Let’s get some ‘tots’.” – Alex to Jo

“What’s really goin’ on? I need you to tell me. You say one thing and I think you mean something else entirely. And I want to understand. I am trying to, because I want what we’ve started here.” – Owen to Amelia

“That was weird. That was the White House calling. Derek never showed up at his meeting this morning.” – Meredith to Amelia

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