Predictably, the future plotlines of Gossip Girl will be vastly different once the fab four (and Vanessa and Dan) head to college.  As pointed out by this brilliant closer to the show’s sophomore season, the Gossip Girl writers will really need to put their thinking caps on if they want to make everything as closely knit as they have been in the first two seasons.

Of course, everyone can just go on their silly little lives, but where’s the fun in that? Remember how Gossip Girl gathered everyone up at the Oak Room and proclaimed, like maybe God, that Gossip Girl is each and everyone of us, like love? It reminded us that Gossip Girl is fun precisely because everyone is so connected, like in Facebook.

As Meghan pointed out, Nate is going to be in Columbia, Blair, Dan, and Vanessa, in NYU, Serena, in Brown, Chuck, somewhere, Jenny and Eric, still in high school. Supposing the four’s facts are right and their deductive reasoning skills are fine, then Gossip Girl (the real Gossip Girl, not the metaphorical, figurative one whom no one really believes) will also be in college right with them. Is he/she/it going with them? Or will he turn his/her/its gossip blog into a full-time money-earning venture? After all, it is so influential that it was able to get the tabloids to follow Serena after her tiff with the law courtesy of her mother (with the spin-off idea that didn’t fly).

Bottom line: will Gossip Girl still be Gossip Girl if everyone pursues different paths?  For her/his/its part, the entity behind the name already vowed to follow them wherever they go, like a stalker.  So it’s safe to assume that Gossip Girl will keep her status as a sort of omnipresent power lording over the lives of practically everyone in the Upper East Side.

I was just thinking of things will be half as fun if people are no longer in high school and immature.  Chuck smiled a genuine smile, Blair looks like she’s reformed, Serena’s worried about being irrelevant, and Nate and Vanessa are back together. How do the minds behind the show plan to stir things up, now that it appears everyone wants to get rid of Gossip Girl (but without her, will there be a show)?  First, there’s tell-Jesus-the-bitch-is-back Georgina, who’ll be rooming with Blair with that glint on her eyes.  There’s also the matter of Lily and Rufus’ love child, who appears to be cozying up (already!) with the guys.

Looks like NYU, after all, will be the new center of gravity of Gossip Girl.  This gives more credence to theories that the egregious persona behind Kristen Bell’s voice really is Vanessa.  What do you think?  If you missed the finale, you can read the recap here.

– Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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Glenn Diaz

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