Hello again, gleeks. Yep, I’m going to drop by here more frequently, at least until I get busier with the rest of my television watching.

Anyway, I’m sure you’ve seen the new Glee promo last week? It’s chock-full of new clips from the nine new episodes that will air from April 13 (and, since the season finale will be on June 8, it’s definitely uninterrupted). The new clips also give us a lot more to ask about. Thus, this question: who should Rachel end up with?

In the first 13 episodes, of course, the choice was either Finn or Puck. Rachel’s always had feelings for Finn, from their very first rehearsals together, to their first kiss, to the bowling alley, to the discovery of Quinn’s baby daddy. But she also had something for Puck, too: that awkward-yet-awesome moment when the two made out showed us how awesome a Puckleberry match up would be. If only she didn’t think of Finn while kissing Puck.

The new promo suggests that she’s still clearly on Team Finn, but we also know that she’ll possibly fall in love with Jesse, the male lead of Vocal Adrenaline. (Yep, that’s the name of Jonathan Groff’s character, at least according to IMDB.) Unfortunately, that means Rachel will have a hell lot to think about in the next nine episodes, so let’s break down the pros and the cons, shall we?


Pros: It’s pretty obvious the two are meant for each other. Rachel is head over heels for Finn. Finn was more than willing to give Rachel a second look, despite being hooked up with Quinn. Now that Finn’s broken up with her after discovering who her baby’s father really is, these two hooking up is as sure as the show’s second season.

Cons: Finn isn’t really the sharpest pencil in the bunch, and while they’ve been very patient and understanding so far, Rachel should get pretty frustrated soon. And then there’s Finn’s popularity: although he’s no longer up there, she’ll still face an uphill struggle of sorts. There’s no breakthrough moment between the two yet.


Pros: A Puck-Rachel pairing will forever be awesome-sauce. Admit it. Whatever you may say about Puck being badass and all, deep inside he’s the very concerned sort, the one who’d go the extra mile for someone (read: “Sweet Caroline” for Rachel, the cupcake recipe for everyone, stealing money for Quinn). Not to mention he looks, in the words of a fellow gleek, “absolutely fit”.

Cons: Despite being rejected by Quinn at the beginning of “Sectionals”, he seems to be absolutely dedicated to her, or at least her baby. He also rejected Rachel at the end of “Mash-Up”. And he tends to flutter around (read: sexting with Santana, all those women)…


Pros: “I want some who can sing a solo,” Rachel told Puck during their random make-out session. Being the male lead vocalist of Vocal Adrenaline, Jesse’s definitely got what it takes. It’s also good to see Groff and Lea Michele together again after their stint on Spring Awakening. I expect references!

Cons: I don’t know–yet. We do know Jesse’s described as Vocal Adrenaline’s “miva”, and while Rachel might find (whatever closely resembles) true love, she’s the sort who gets easily frustrated. This wouldn’t work out in a snap. And then there’s the fact that they’re in rival glee clubs. When the inevitable happens and both face off in regionals, oh, expect some fireworks.

But that’s just me. What about you? As always, I’ve made a discussion and we can all chat about this. As long as you don’t say Rachel should end up with Will, we’re cool.

Let’s play Rachel’s cupid! The discussion goes here. >>

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Henrik Batallones

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