The Secret Life of the American Teenager returns to ABCFamily with all new episodes starting Monday at 8pm, but before that, you can spend the day catching up with a 9-episode marathon!

The Secret Life of the American Teenager marathon begins at 11am and runs right up to the third season opener “Do Over.”

It begins with ‘Til it’s Over” where Amy falls for the son of Anne’s ex-boyfriend. Next up is “Loved and Lost,” then George tries to win Anne back in “Second Time Around.”

Relationship troubles continue in “Let’s Try That Again,” and then at 3pm, secrets are revealed in “The Rhythm of Life.” Adrian makes a confession in “Mistakes Were Made” and everyone tries to work it out in “Good Girls & Boys.” At 6pm, the custody battle heats up in “I Got You, Babe,” and then John celebrates his first birthday in ‘Ben There, Done That.”

That brings us up to 8pm and the brand new episode, “Do Over.”

Adrian tells Ben that she’s not pregnant,much to his relief, but he questions whether she’s telling the truth.Unbeknownst to Anne, George takes Ashley to the doctor to discuss birthcontrol options. Jack’s parents are moving out of town for a new joband give him the option to stay with a friend while he finishes school.Amy is confused about why Ben is avoiding her after he professed hislove to her, and Ricky takes an interest in Ashley.

So how about that? It’s going to be an emotional Monday for all you Secret Life fans.¬†


Cynthia Boris

Writer, BuddyTV