Yes, you read that right: Psych will reach its milestone 100th episode in the upcoming season 7 of the show. And BuddyTV was there for the filming of the big event! Keep reading for photos and some tidbits about this exciting episode.

The Psych 100th episode will be the fourth installment of season 7. Going by the title, “100 Clues,” the episode will feature a plot inspired by that popular cult comedy of the 1980s, Clue (which was, of course, inspired by the board game).

It’s a logical theme for Psych, a comedy-mystery in passionate love with both the homage and the 1980s. The real question is why did it take 100 episodes to get to it?

Whatever the answer to that may be, Psych is going all-out for the Clue episode. A whole new set — the interior of a grandiose manor — was built for this episode alone. Those of you who remember the movie Clue (and if you don’t, shame on you — go watch it now!) will be happy to know that there is a chandelier as part of the set design.

The Clue homage doesn’t stop there. Psych has brought three members of the original cast of Clue in to guest-star in the episode. Christopher Lloyd (Professor Plum), Martin Mull (Colonel Mustard) and Lesley Ann Warren (Miss Scarlet) all have important parts to play on Psych — although they will not be reprising their Clue roles exactly.

Alas, Tim Curry — Wadsworth the Butler in Clue and a previous Psych guest star (in season 2’s “American Duos” episode) — couldn’t make it. But his co-stars are an excellent substitute!

Because it was the 100th episode, just about everyone involved with Psych was on set for the celebration. Cast, crew, producers and guest stars all gathered for a massive 100th-episode photo shoot, champagne toast and cake. Check it out below:

The 100th episode is not the end of Psych — if nothing else, we can expect many episodes to follow in season 7. And who knows after that?

A few additional tidbits on Psych:

  • You may have noticed that Corbin Bernsen is present for the 100th episode photos. While Bernsen was on the set, he was not filming any scenes. Thus, I can neither confirm nor deny the presence of Henry Spencer (shot in the chest at the end of Psych season 6) in upcoming episodes. Sorry.
  • The trio from Clue are not the only guest stars in “100 Clues.” Check the photos carefully to possibly learn the identities of some others. Hint: One musically inclined guest star has already appeared in a past episode of Psych.
  • One of the cops (not sure which) working in the Santa Barbara police department really likes cheese.
  • Other episodes coming from Psych season 7 include a flashback to 2007 (and what the show was doing then), an In-Laws inspired story and a love interest for Gus. Check back here for more on these stories!

Psych season 7 will begin… sometime. Probably this fall. Maybe.

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