For the Love of Ray J returned for its second season tonight following Ray J’s futile attempts to find love in the first season. As we all know, it didn’t work out between Ray J and his chosen girl Cocktail so he’s back in the game for some more action. Though Ray J said he’s more serious than ever to find true love, he found himself once again surrounded by a bunch of crazy women who’s more than willing to label themselves as 10s or 7s.

Since For the Love of Ray J 2 is shown on VH1, it wasn’t too difficult to imagine what’s in store for the season opener. As expected, Ray J was introduced to the ladies, 19 to be exact, and from thereon, we learned a thing or two about the women vying for Ray J’s heart.

What’s interesting about these women was how shallow and tacky they could be as they fought over who gets the bottom bunk, concealed their real age and revealed how much they think of themselves. And while one admitted to dating Tyson Beckford, another girl said she attracts celebrities whenever she goes out and it’s something that she just can’t help.

In the end, the inevitable happened. Ray J trimmed the competition down to 16 as he eliminated three girls in the first episode alone. Tipsy had to go since Ray J felt he had no connection with her due to her being, well, too tipsy. Diego was also eliminated since she was a music nerd and Ray J felt she was only getting know him as an artist, while Fettuccini was let go since Ray J felt she wanted to date him only for his celebrity status.

For more crazy reality TV drama, catch For the Love of Ray J 2 every Monday on VH1.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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Kris De Leon

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