Flavor of Love 3 might be long over, but Angela “Myammee” Pitts still have a lot of things to say about Flavor Flav.  The Florida-native, despite being early getting eliminated quite early on the VH1 reality show, is visibly a stand-out in a pool of girls craving for attention from the rapper.  King reports that months after wrapping up the show, Myammee has some unsolicited advice for the rapper in the prospect of a fourth installment.

Flavor of Love 3: Myammee Tells Flav He's Old, Get Over It

“Please, he’s 50—get over it.”

The controversy over Myammee’s elimination began when someone called up the Flavor of Love mansion saying Myammee owed him some cash and that the girls are in danger.  Myammee dismissed this reason as completely silly.

“Flav kicked me off over some b*ll.  He was scared of the dude who called up saying I owe him a stack and [that] he’s gonna blow up the house.  It wasn’t because [Flav] wasn’t feeling me; he was scared for his little life and everybody else’s.”

This lead to questions about Myammee’s monetary situation.  On this, she maintains she doesn’t owe anybody anything while on Flavor of Love.

“The only thing I owe is my student loan. I’m still hot about the situation. A thousand dollars is nothing. I make that in two days working at Hooters.  I’m probably making more money at Hooters than the strippers—not the big booty ones.  But I’m Ms. Hooters over there. If they had a picture to promote the chain, my boobs should be up there.”

With how the finale of Flavor of Love shaped up, however, it would seem Myammee is actually quite lucky.  Flavor Flav didn’t pick any of the final two and instead proposed to the mother of his kid, rendering the whole season, all the backstabbing, and the cat fights utterly and foolishly useless.

-Glenn L. Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: King
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