Weinergate! Are you sick of it yet? The late night hosts sure hope not, because they had tons of fun spoofing Anthony Weiner’s tearful press conference about his scandalous Twitter activity.

Watch Late Night with Jimmy Fallon‘s and then The Daily Show with Jon Stewart‘s spoofs (if you haven’t yet already) and then vote for which one you liked more. Then, since these guys did it better than any of us probably could, let’s retire the “weiner” jokes for a while, what do you say?

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: Shorter. Includes impersonation and lots of innuendo. Finds every possible use for the word “staff.” Depending on how you see it, all of those could be seen as pros or cons of Jimmy’s spoof.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Longer. Full of “but he’s my friend!” guilt. Includes gratuitous use of the word “c**k” and pop-up jokes, as well as real blood and a real British person. Depends on your sensibilities whether those made Jon’s press conference better or worse than Jimmy’s.

In the end, I think it’s clear that the real winners here are us (for the free laughs!), and the real loser here is Anthony Weiner, whose eponymous part will apparently be a hot topic of national discussion for an indefinite period of time. But let’s vote, just for fun:

(Image courtesy of Comedy Central)