On the Beauty and the Geek finale last night, fan favorites Megan Hauserman and Scooter Zackheim were declared the winners, appeasing viewers.  The odd couple began the show on seemingly different planets, but ended the show as good friends.  They both entered Beauty and the Geek with positive, open-minded attitudes and are deserving champions.  Megan and Scooter were gracious enough to take time out of their busy schedules to talk with us today.

Can you both explain how you found yourselves on Beauty and The Geek?

Megan: Absolutely, I went to an open call in Chicago.

Scooter:  A friend of mine told me I should go and I went to an open call in Boston.

When you two first met each other and saw you were going to be each other’s partner, what was your initial reaction?

Scooter: I was pretty scared of Megan.  I didn’t really have anything to say to her.

Megan:  I thought it was all over; I should just walk out the door.

Scooter:  Megan thought that I was from another country.

Megan: I thought he was from another planet.

But, over the course of the show you two seemed to form a genuine friendship.  Why do you think that was?

Megan: I think we just opened up more to each other and got to know each other and understand where we were coming from and we also went through some stressful situations that we bonded and comforted each other.

Scooter:  Yeah, I think that’s all true.

Was there any point during the show where you both thought you might win?

Megan: No. Never for a second.

Scooter:  I think it was when we won the ranch challenge; we knew that we were going to be in the final two, that was kind of like “wow.”  We managed to go through without ever going into the elimination room, that’s kind of incredible.  But I think it still seemed very long shot.

Megan: No chance.

After watching the show on TV, was there anything you wish they had played up more or anything they manipulated in terms of editing?

Megan: Yes.  100%.  I swear at some point I had some smart things to say and they cut them all out.

Scooter: Yeah, I mean there was a lot of hanging out, a lot of interactions that they just weren’t able to show with time constraints.

Megan: Yeah, the relationships between different people besides Nate and Jennylee.  There was other stuff going on.

Scooter: There was plenty of drama.

Once you found out that the winning team was going to be decided by the votes of your fellow contestants, was there any doubt in your mind that you were going to win?

Megan:  There still was, it still could have gone either way.

Scooter: It was hard to say, because when you watch the entire season and see all the editing, you see how they cut Cecille and it makes it very clear in the viewers mind how people should vote.  But when your actually there, in the house, and dealing with people, it’s more gray.

Megan: I mean, even up until the very last vote when we won, I still didn’t think we were going to.

Do you think Cecille got a bad edit?  Did she get manipulated by the show?

Megan:  Definitely, she did.  I mean, yes, she did say all those things, but she said other stuff too that was good.  She wasn’t all bad.  She got a little taken advantage of I think.

Scooter:  I think she got a hard edit, but she also gave a lot of material for them to work with, so it’s hard to say.

You filmed the show a while back, how hard was it keeping the secret that you guys had won?

Megan: It was torture! It was ridiculous.

Scooter: I actually sort of took a sick pleasure in it because I knew all my friends were really excited to watch the show, but I think most of them expected me to get kicked off.

Megan: You didn’t even really want to tell anybody what happened because you want it to be a surprise.

Scooter: Exactly.

Well, how are you guys going to spend the money?

Scooter: I’m going to do boring things, like pay rent and put it into a retirement fund.  But I also want to buy a computer.

Megan: I’m going to go to Disneyland and go on vacation and um, get my hair done. 

Scooter:  The “getting the hair done” is probably about 10 or 15 thousand dollars.

Megan: Strand by strand.

What are your plans for the future?

Megan: Retiring.

Scooter: I just moved to LA and I’m going to pursue an acting career.  I have a pretty extensive theater background and I’d like to translate that.

Megan: I’m gonna train myself to rotate evenly while I’m tanning.

Well, all right then.

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