Robert Hesse was one of the most hilarious contestants this season of Hell’s Kitchen, with a very sarcastic humor. He was a strong contender, and Christina Machamer’s pick to win. He made it to the final five, but when Ramsay sent them all to Atlantic City to check out the Borgata Hotel where the winner’s restaurant will be located, he suddenly felt chest pains, and ended up in the hospital with pericarditis. He came back to Hell’s Kitchen to announce that he would not be continuing with the competition, and Ramsay told him he should be proud of his work and know that he was a formidable competitor for the prize.

BuddyTV got a chance to talk to Robert about his time on Hell’s Kitchen.

Robert cites his family for the reason why he entered the competition, as well as the reason why he left. Everything he does is for his family, and he’s no good to them if he’s six feet under.

He says that Gordon Ramsay is a cross between Martha Stewart and Attila the Hun.

I noted to him that he has been one of the most entertaining contestants on the show this year, and I asked him what it was has been like to watch himself on TV. He enjoys the attention that he has been getting from people on the street. He sometimes walks down the street and people stick their heads out of manholes and yell, “We love you, Rob!”

Since leaving the show, his heart condition has improved, and he has begun working hard to get his weight under control. Working with a personal trainer, he has lost 55 pounds so far, and is getting ready to undergo gastric bypass surgery. He has also gotten married (he postponed his wedding to appear on the show) and went on a honeymoon to the Caribbean, where he enjoyed a lot more recognition as well.

Things are looking up for Robert. He and fellow Hell’s Kitchen contestant Seth are starting a restaurant together, which will open on June 1.

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-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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