Remember that diminutive and petite dark-haired girl with the plaintive eyes, who captured the hearts of fans on the cult show, Roswell?  Shiri Appleby, who played Liz Parker for three seasons on the show, has just been plucked out of post-Roswell near-anonymity to join the long-running ER.

Appleby joins the ensemble cast of the groundbreaking medical drama along with Julian Morris, Emily Rose and Victor Rasuk.  Along with talented veteran actress Angela Bassett, all four new recruits look to add color to ER‘s coming 15th and final season in the fall.

“The new group of young characters adds a burst of fresh energy and a bunch of different personalities for us to play off of as we enter our 15th and final season,” executive producer David Zabel has said.  “While we will be reconnecting with the history of ER, as well as telling the ongoing stories of our current regulars, we also will track the development of these new young doctors.”

Zap2it reports that Appleby and Morris (Cry Wolf) will play siblings whose guiding principles couldn’t be any more different.  Appleby’s character is smart and more than eager and willing to devour whatever she can in terms of skill and knowledge.  On the other hand, her brother (portrayed by Morris) thinks he can get by on nothing but his charm and good looks alone.

Meanwhile, Emily Rose will essay the role of a control freak, who, not surprisingly, isn’t going to win the next popularity contest.  Finally, Victor Rasuk will portray a native New Yorker with the misfortune of being henpecked by the missus.

Appleby, Morris, Rose and Rasuk all come into ER with recurring appearances as interns at County General.

After more than a decade of quality stories and a long list of brilliant actors for its cast members, ER is finally bidding farewell at the end of its upcoming 15th season.  The series has served as a launching pad for the careers of such hot Hollywood commodities as George Clooney, Juliana Margulies, Maria Bello and Maura Tierney.

From the genius of Jurassic Park author Michael Crichton, ER has become an institution in quality television entertainment.  Consistently among the highest-rated series on TV, ER has reaped a 22 Emmy awards and earned a total of over a hundred Emmy nominations.

ER enters its 15th and final season beginning Thursday, September 25th at 10pm.

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: Zap2it
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