Season three of Empire has often put the Lyons in a position of life or death, and on “One Before Another,” Lucious and Co. are trying to avoid being killed by Shine after the drama with Nessa. Hakeem and Jamal also get into a fight while trying to promote Empire Extreme.

Loaded Guns

After forcing him to let Empire sign Nessa, Shine is out for revenge. He packs up a variety of guns, and brings his team to Andre’s house. However, when he tries to shoot Andre, the gun is not loaded. (After all that preparation, you would think that he would know if the gun had bullets). Nessa, who just slept with Andre, is there, so he doesn’t shoot, but promises to be back. While the rest of the family is on edge, Lucious isn’t worried and is happy that at least Shine “brought the family back together. And to think that some families bond over vacations! Empire Recap: Let The Bidding War Begin>>>

Brotherly Love

Jamal convince Hakeem to let him share his Empire Extreme livestream to get back out there after his accident. The brothers are excited to promote their new music, but Hakeem’s nemesis, Gram, begins to cause problems when he wants to have a rap battle. Hakeem immediately think Lucious is to blame. When Jamal approaches his dad about it they disagree, and Lucious calls Jamal corny and delivers the best line of the night: “I’m gonna book a duet between you and Mary Magdalene as soon as God gives me the okay. Oops, I said ‘no.'”

There is also tension between Jamal and Hakeem when they disagree about blocking and lyrics. Jamal has no interested in Hakeem’s dis track being on his song, but Hakeem points out that after his break, Jamal needs Hakeem’s fans to be on his side.

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Cookie’s World

When Cookies goes to see her probation officer, she gives her a hard time and even threatens to send her back to Danbury if she is not on time for her next visit. Cookie points out that she is acting different, but her probation officer just sends her to do her urine sample. Cookie blames her new boyfriend Angelo, who is running for mayor, for the trouble at the probation office. He denies it, but Cookie does not believe him until he finds the investigators and makes them apologize.

Things aren’t going much better for Cookie at Empire. Becky lies to Tiana about what song she is supposed to record. (I know Becky is bitter about not getting promoted, but hasn’t she learned you don’t mess with Cookie?)

Let’s Make A Deal

After witnessing Lucious and Shine continuing to fight, Anika steps in. She offers Shine an imprint at Empire, and he is interested if Frida can be involved. Nessa encourages him to take the deal, and it seems like Shine could be ready to call a truce and go to work at Empire.

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Snitches Gonna Snitch

At the Empire Extreme livestream, Hakeem refuses to rap battle with Gram because he is over Tiana. Lucious finds another way to get under Hakeem’s skin and tells him that Andre is sleeping with Nessa (the latest girl that Hakeem thinks he is in love with). Hakeem goes off, dissing both of his brothers, much to Jamal’s dismay. Andre claims he didn’t even know Hakeem was interested in Nessa, but Lucious is living for the drama. He makes sure that the fight is on camera, and it goes to show that the Living Lyon would kill Keeping Up With the Kardashians in the ratings.

Elsewhere, Tariq meets up with Shine and tries to convince him to give him information about Lucious. Shine, who just agreed to work at Empire, looks like he cannot resist a chance to take down Lucious.

What did you think of this epsiode? Do you think Shine and Tariq are going to team up to take down Lucious? Do you wish Andre, Jamal and Hakeem would work together to finally stand up to their dad?

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