Fans probably saw this coming from the moment the show was first announced, but today FOX made it official and canceled Dollhouse.  Joss Whedon’s scii-fi drama surprised many by even getting renewed for a second season, but that was short-lived.

Only for of the 13 episodes ordered for season 2 have aired, and the cancellation puts into jeopardy everything that remains for Dollhouse.  The show is currently off the schedule for November due to incredibly low ratings, but it was previously announced that the show would return with back-to-back episodes Friday nights starting on December 4.

It’s unknown now whether that plan will continue, or if Dollhouse will be boxed and tossed into the Attic.  The show is currently filming its 11th episode and is expected to finish filming the 13, so at the very least, with some very last minute rewriting, Joss Whedon and his team may be able to put some sort of closure on the series.

For now, all we have is memories of Dollhouse, the possibility of seeing the new episodes (which include special guest star Summer Glau) and the possibility that Joss Whedon can now move on to other projects (like, for instance, a Dr. Horrible sequel).

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image courtesy of FOX)

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