The next season of Brothers and Sisters will be lighter than expected, and it’s not just because of Rob Lowe’s departure. TV Guide reports that the network has ordered less episodes of the fifth installment, which made many wonder if this is the show’s last.

Brothers and Sisters Execs Zoom In on Show’s Future

According to the source, ABC has ordered only 18 episodes for season 5 of Brothers and Sisters. Usually we get more than 20, but this change stands out. While the cast is getting ready to film this July, not one of them has confirmed the possibility of a series finale.

Rachel Griffiths, who plays Sarah Walker on the show, was uncertain about the 18-episode order. She said, “In my negotiation, I asked, ‘does 18 mean it’s the last season?’ I would love to know. I feel like this is the last season, but I don’t know for sure.”

The actress also commented on how the characters are being used less and less for the upcoming episodes. She even hinted that there won’t be as much Walker family meetings as there used to. Could it be because of the big time jump the execs have planned?

“There was a lot of pressure on the writers to use all the actors all the time, which used to piss us off,” Rachel Griffiths explained. “Did they really need for me to be in one scene not speaking when I could have been in Australia or New York? ”

But she believes that season five of Brothers and Sisters will satisfy fans of the series anyway. “A lot of times there were actors just hanging around twiddling their thumbs. So, I think what they have planned is going to work out pretty well,” the star added.

It better be, since even Brothers and Sisters‘ cinematographer Cynthia Pusheck is plotting out the finale. “I think it’s been a nice run, and it will be good for us to know we can wrap up everyone’s stories,” she revealed.

On-screen Walker matriarch Sally Field also has high hopes for the Brothers and Sisters conclusion.”[W]e’ll be real ready.” She exclaimed. “We’re tired!”

True, and with the storylines coming up it would be a great time to wrap up. The sad season four finale still resonates in fans’ minds, which means the writers will need to top that.

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Besides, the new installment will deal with some incredible issues like Saul’s condition and the new business. While we can’t say what the Brothers and Sisters heads are planning yet, we just have to wait and see.

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