During a peaceful Governor’s Summit at the White House, shots are fired at the home of the president on Designated Survivor. Will ex-designated survivor and now President Kirkman (Keifer Sutherland) be the target of the latest attack on the United States government? 

Kirkman is slow to discover that the real terrorist is still out there and Nassir is just a shield to cover the real killers when he holds a Governors Summit in The White House. This event will be the first time Kirkman will be appreciated for his attempts at leading the government in the right direction after his victorious capture of the lead suspect in the capitol bombing.

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Just when Kirkman is giving a moving speech at the event welcoming his constituents, shots are fired into the exterior of the White House. Are they directed at the president or someone closest to him? 

After feeling secure he has captured the leader of a terrorist group named Al-Sakar, Majid Nassar, Kirkman is relieved he has moved the United States away from any further terrorist threats. But the latest shooter is found to have pledged his allegiance to Nassar moments before the attack. 

Kirkman’s bodyguard Mike Ritter (LaMonica Garrett), is struck and in critical condition, but not before killing the would-be assassin. Nassar is brought back alive to the United States and jailed and is refusing to talk about his involvement in the capitol bombing. 

A plane of Syrian refugees has landed in Florida, but Governor Rivera will not let them disembark in the United States. The First Lady Alex Kirkman (Natascha McElhone) continues to work alongside her husband to make the refugees be allowed to stay in the state, but Governor Rivera will not allow it to happen. Aaron Shore (Adan Canto) asks the First Lady to stay away from the refugee situation, but she refuses. 

The FBI Interrogates Nassir 

FBI Agent Hannah Wells (Maggie Q) and her supervisor Jason Atwood (Malik Yoba) continue to investigate the Capitol bombing. They make a shocking discovery regarding the sole survivor of the attack on the Capitol, Congressman Peter MacLeish (Ashely Zukerman). 

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Chief of Staff Shore and the President’s special advisor, Emily Rhodes (Italia Ricci), ask MacLeish if he is interested in taking the position of Vice President, as per orders from President Kirkman. He accepts the position and Kirkman asks the FBI’s help in investigating his background. 

Hannah Wells is worried when she learns that MacLeash is being vetted for the job of Vice President. Hannah grills the incarcerated Nassir, informing him of his basic rights in the United States. He responds by saying that United States missiles struck an apartment building killing his wife and children and that after that experience, nothing could break him, not even an interrogation. 

Nassir continues to maintain his innocence, but after threatening his “other family,” Hannah finds out that Nassir did not cause the bombing, but took credit for it so the real attackers could stay anonymous. “He said he wanted the same thing, death to America,” Nassir remarks to Hannah. Nassir is later found dead in his holding cell. 

Kirkman Gets Grilled by the Governors 

Kirkman meets with all of his governors and they grill him as to what he stands for as president. Given the opportunity, the governors will speak with him and if they are satisfied, in turn, will give him his senate appointees. 

After being dragged through the mud by his constituents, Kirkman admits that their opinion of him is probably right, that he is not good enough to be the President of the United States and leaves their meeting. President Kirkman later tells the governors that they need to work together or he has to step down from his position. The governors quickly propose a rebuttal and ask him to suspend national immigration until the country feels safe. They also threaten to stand in the way of his appointment of a congress if he does not do so. 

Kirkman and his wife Alex fight over his decision to reroute the plane of Syrian refugees to Canada instead of allowing it to stay in the United States as per his agreement with the governors. 

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