The question returns with each season of Dancing with the Stars: Which of the celebrities will have the dubious dishonor of going home first from the dancing competition. It’s an even more intriguing question than usual this year. The week 1 dances were exceptionally close in score, making viewer support the deciding factor.

So who is the first DWTS victim?

First of all, we should see who the readers here at BuddyTV chose as the most likely first casualty of season 13. According to the votes in the Readers’ Poll, 55 percent think that Elisabetta Canalis is the most likely to go home. She’s followed fairly closely by Ron Artest (32 percent) and trailed by Nancy Grace (10 percent) and Rob Kardashian (3 percent).

Click here to read a recap of last night’s DWTS performance show.

Will our predictions be more accurate than usual? Dancing with the Stars: The Results Show should let us know!

The Results Show will also try to entertain us in between results. In addition to the expected barrage of “Get to Know Your Stars” videos, we will be getting musical performances by Harry Connick Jr. and LMFAO.

So let’s get to it!

Since the show is apparently planning to spend the entire first hour of Dancing with the Stars: The Results Show babbling about the cast (thus giving me little to recap), here’s a reminder of how the stars actually did in their first night of dancing:

J.R. and Karina — 22
Chynna and Tony — 22
Hope and Maks — 21
Ricki and Derek — 20
Kristin and Mark — 19
David and Kym — 18
Chaz and Lacey — 17
Carson and Anna — 17
Rob and Cheryl — 16
Nancy and Tristan — 16
Elisabetta and Val — 15
Ron and Peta — 14

First important update of the night: Despite the use of his old name in the week 1 Performance Show, Ron Artest will now be known as Metta World Peace. Thus, our last entry above should read “Metta and Peta.” Oh, what a partnership…

Carson and Anna, as the only dancers who really figured out the “entertainment” part of dancing last night, get this week’s Encore Dance. Nice.

Wow. Did you know that Dancing with the Stars now has the largest mirror ball in North America? How exactly does one figure that out? Are there mirror ball statistics readily available?

Hey, look! They’re insisting that RESULTS are coming! Of course, all I’m seeing right now is a lot of dancer silhouettes. Not quite results. But interesting. I’m guessing that the folk who showed up toward the end of the song are this season’s troupe. I know there is a troupe. I just haven’t gotten around to learning their names or recognizing their faces. Maybe next week.

S13W1-Ricki.jpgFirst RESULTS!!!
Ricki and Derek, Elisabetta and Val, and Rob and Cheryl are up for results first.


Ricki and Derek are SAFE!
Elisabetta and Val are SAFE!

Rob and Cheryl remain in jeopardy.

So I guess that means we’re already wrong with our predictions. I wonder who was deemed to be worse than Elisabetta…

“Little does she know, I read books before I go to bed.” — Rob Kardashian, failing to make me believe in his intelligence.

Harry Connick Jr. Is singing now. People are dancing. It’s all very classy.

Someone from LMFAO has a box on his(?) head. Less classy.

Hope and Maks are SAFE!

Metta and Peta remain in jeopardy.

Kristin and Mark are SAFE!
Now it’s time to meet the troupe. I’ll post a slideshow with pictures, names and bios soon. Which means I don’t have to do that now. I’ll just say right now that none of them are as attractive as former troupe member and current imaginary boyfriend of me, Tristan MacManus. Pretty, pretty Tristan…

There are many people in LMFAO. Tonight, most of them have big hair. They’re also performing now. Hey! I know this song!
Which brings us to more RESULTS!

Chynna and Tony are SAFE!
J.R. and Karina are SAFE!

Chaz and Lacey are SAFE!

S13W1-Chaz.jpg After roughly a millisecond of lag time from the last ones, we have more RESULTS!
David and Kym are SAFE!

Nancy and Tristan are in jeopardy.

Which means Carson and Anna are SAFE!
This leaves Nancy, Rob and Metta World Peace languishing in the bottom of the pack. Honestly, each of these three could go home, so which will prove the least popular?

Could it be that America does not want me to gaze on the lovely face of Tristan any longer? How sad…

Moving on now. Because it’s time for the FINAL RESULTS of the night!
Rob and Cheryl are SAFE!

This leaves… A pair of couples walking down the stairs of the vastly expanded DWTS stage… That thing is big!

Nancy and Tristan are SAFE! (yay!)

Which means that Metta World Peace and Peta Murgatroyd have been eliminated!

I bet it was the name. Too complicated. Oh well.
That’s that. The end of the first week of Dancing with the Stars. Only many, many more weeks to go in the competition!

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Did you think the right dancer was eliminated? Was there someone you would rather have seen leave? Do you prefer to call him Ron Artest or Metta World Peace? Leave your comments below!

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