Dance Moms has taken a turn to the dark side with the start of open auditions. Payton has suffered an injury and looks to be out this week. Will there be a replacement? And who will be the wicked witch this week: Abby, Cathy or the moms?

Abby’s Rehearsal vs. Cathy’s Style

This week, Abby will take her team to Roanoke, Virginia. In the rehearsal hall, Payton, who is last on the pyramid, is on crutches and Abby strikes out about her “making fun” of a team on stage. As Leslie and Payton leave, the team gets a lecture about “fooling around” backstage.

Kendall also is on the bottom due to being late. Nia and Brooke make up the rest of the bottom row. I admit I don’t understand because Abby admits that Nia blended in? The second row has Chloe, Paige and MacKenzie.That leaves Maddie at the top.

Abby tells the group that Cathy will be in Roanoke and the group routine will be “The Witches of East Canton.” Maddie will be the “Good Witch” with the rest being evil. The girls are told to channel their moms. Chloe and Kendall will have solos. In Ohio, we find Cathy with a special team featuring two new kids (a boy and girl), the Morales. They will be doing “Wild Party,” a jazz number.

Kendall and Chloe are being evil rock stars. Of course, the moms argue when Chloe gets the first rehearsal time. Holly tries to maintain peace, but Jill gets upset with everyone.

In Ohio, Cathy is bragging about her tough group of all boys and one girl. Unfortunately, she learns that Abby knows about the squad due to a leaked picture. The moms’ cell phones are off limits. Jill, meanwhile, confronts Abby about Kendall’s card, which Abby hasn’t read. Jill gets upset and in a testimonial calls Abby cruel.

When the group comes in, Abby tells them that they won’t be allowed to rely on Maddie and she wants perfection. Abby’s routine will make fun of Cathy. The moms realize what is going on, yet Jill still has issues with Christi. As Abby bullies the girls with talk of replacement, Christi talks about how cohesive the group is.

Abby is determined to win at all costs. Christi, Melissa and Jill don’t like the group dance or think it can win over the boys. When Kendall and Chloe rehearse for Abby, Chloe’s routine, “Wreck It,” must be like Miley Cyrus. After dancing off stage, Christi is called downstairs and decides to videotape the rehearsal, which Jill sees as an unfair advantage.

With her routine unfinished, Abby calls Kendall in. Jill is upset because Christi recorded the routine and she didn’t have the opportunity to record Kendall’s “Holla” number. As Kendall shows stress, Jill blames everyone else. Kendall breaks down in tears in the dressing room.

Can Quiet Roanoke Survive the Witches?

In Roanoke, Abby and the girls are greeted with cheers. When all the moms worry about Cathy, Abby thinks that all should worry about the performance. Jill becomes upset when she learns that Kendall must dance first. Chloe’s costume is beautiful while Kendall looks like a punk. While Jill complains, Christi encourages Chloe.

Kendall takes the stage for her jazz solo but seems hesitant. Cathy sits behind Jill, making negative comments during the entire routine which makes Jill angry. Chloe enters for her routine and looks beautiful for her contemporary dance. Cathy doesn’t make any comments during this number.

As the groups competition start, Cathy’s group goes first with their jazz number, “Wild Party.” As usual, her team has a lot of stretches and extensions. The number has some errors with fall outs and timing, but it looks good. Abby’s girls are ready with Nia showing determination to stay in character. Abby’s pep talk is not positive but geared at Maddie to be the star and carry the group. Maddie is told to treat the routine as a solo (what, no group routine?).

Abby’s group takes the stage with Abby thinking Cathy had her best routine. Maddie immediately shines as the star. The routine looks strong and Christi admits that the girls look beautiful. Melissa tells us she got goosebumps during the routine.

At the awards, Kendall comes in second while Chloe wins first. In the overall group awards, second place goes to Cathy’s “Wild Party” with Abby winning first place. Showing (no) class, Cathy leaves before the final award is announced. Talk about poor behavior, Cathy wins the prize. She says that Abby won because every judge knows her. Abby isn’t happy backstage, though, because Kendall came in second. Holly questions the open call auditions, but Abby is still going ahead with her plan to replace the team.

Next week, there’s another open audition and a new dancer arrives. 

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