When Dance Moms had its last competition episode, we had two teams with Abby favoring the new squad. Dance Moms returns this week with the promise of double the drama, double the trouble and double the moms. With Christi and Christy (with a y), we may have a contest to see who can annoy Abby the most.

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Abby’s Encouraging Words

Abby’s rehearsal room will be crowded in this episode. Abby is coming off her mom’s death and you have to wonder if it has softened her. This is Abby Lee and the answer is no. As our story opens, Abby is rehearsing the new team and the old moms are upset. Don’t worry! The old Christi introduces us to the new moms with ridiculous nicknames which I won’t report here.

With both teams in the room, Abby tells us that the new team is there to challenge the old team to make them better. Oops, I spoke too soon. I see the pyramid and it is the usual theme. Kendall, Nia, MacKenzie and Maddie are the bottom and Chloe is on top. What, no new team member?

Maddie is not happy on the new team and her attitude has put her on the bottom row. Abby also has some harsh words for Christy (with a y), who has just learned a lesson. Abby blames the kids for the moms. Christy wants her daughter, Sarah, on the old team, but Abby isn’t listening. Kalani isn’t there because her mom chose her boyfriend over her child. Maddie is returning to the old team with a big smile.

Abby announces that they will be traveling to Sheer Talent in Wheeling, West Virginia. Both teams will perform contemporary pieces. The old team (with Maddie) will be doing “Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board.” The new team will be doing “The Rapture.” Abby asks the new Christy if she has a problem with the dance title. Christy tells her that she knows where she is going but unsure about the rest. Say what, woman? This is uncalled for in my book.

The old moms go outside while the new moms are upstairs. Jill says they need to be nice, but the rest aren’t buying it. Abby explains both dances. The new team is about heaven, but the question is, can they win without Maddie? The old team has an Ouija board. The new moms see Abby’s challenge and will win.

Jodi, Kamryn’s mom, and Christy get into it as our favorite moms walk in. Christy tells Christi that the new moms talk crap about the old team. She’s stirring up trouble.

Abby runs the solos. MacKenzie’s jazz routine, “Watch Me Fly,” looks crisp. Abby feels MacKenzie’s career is soaring and the sky’s the limit for her. Sarah is doing “Scary Little Monster,” playing the kid who turns into the monster after the parents leave. Christy, there’s a hidden message here.

Mom Fight

The new moms complain about Christy, who is late and has told the old moms lies. As the week progresses, the new moms go to Abby about Christy, who overhears the whole conversation. Let’s just say that the fight that starts between these moms and Christy makes the New Orleans brawl between Chrisi and Lesley look mild. The television crew has to pull the women apart and Abby sends the new moms for a time-out while she talks to Christy. Christy apologizes, so Sarah can have her solo.

The Competition

The teams arrive, and as they prepare, Jill points out that the new team has an unfair advantage. They have two teens on the team. Abby points out that they are all the Abby Lee Dance Company. Holly realizes that the more the old moms complain, the worse it will be on their girls. Abby controls all including the girls’ chances on the team.

Christy gets upset on seeing MacKenzie’s costume, which is light, airy and fresh. Sarah’s costume is not as fancy and Christy sees this as favoritism. Both girls do a good job, but MacKenzie has the better facials. Christy feels Sarah needs more attention from Abby.

As the group dances get ready, the new team has beautiful costumes, while the old team is in pajamas. Holly voices her concern. As they rehearse, Chloe falls out of the lift in the routine. Christi tells Chloe not to freak out, while Abby shakes her head.

In the performances, the new team does a beautiful job but doesn’t always seem together or understand the dance. Sarah’s the youngest and it shows with placement. Abby tells us that the old team must understand that life isn’t fair. I guess this is why Abby is doing what she’s doing with costumes. The old team’s number looks like something that would work with “Charmed.” It’s good but different and may be too dark after the new team’s light number.

The Results

In the solos awards, Sarah gets fourth place, while MacKenzie receives first. Next up is the group awards. The old team gets second place, while the new team gets first. Was it the costumes?

Maddie feels the old team deserved to win. Christi feels the team was set up to lose. While the new moms celebrate, they want the old moms to fawn over their success. This upsets the moms, who meet the girls in the hall and congratulate them. As the girls cry and the moms tell them to stop, Abby shows up and gets upset. Abby’s consolation is that life isn’t fair and she calls them unprofessional. They’re children, Abby. Were you professional?

Next Week

The teams travel to Cleveland, Ohio, and the Candy Apples’ will be there. And Maddie does a duet with a boy and gets a kiss. 


Dance Moms airs Tuesdays at 9pm on Lifetime.

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