There were numerous problems with the second season of Heroes, but many fans would agree that one of the bigger issues was the addition of too many new characters.  If the characters had been interesting it would have been forgivable, but poor writing and subpar performances doomed most of them right off the bat.  Heroes is a show that’s better when it sticks to its core characters, which is hopefully a lesson the writers have learned as the show moves into its third season.

Just as I grabbed my pom poms and gave three cheers when Alejandro bit the dust last season, I’m once again doing cartwheels over the announcement that Monica will be leaving the series.  Actress Dana Davis recently gave an interview with PopWrap where she revealed that her character will be written out of the show early in season 3.

Davis met with PopWrap to discuss her role in the hideous remake of Prom Night, but went on to talk about her future on Heroes.  After revealing that Monica’s “storyline wraps up fairly quickly,” Davis explained why the producers decided to let her go.  “Heroes didn’t get the same critical or fan acclaim in season 2, so I think the creators felt a lot of pressure because the ratings dropped and it wasn’t nominated for any Emmys,” she said.  “And with the strike, I feel like the writers had a lot of time to sit around and think.  They wanted to come back really strong and go back to what the show was in season 1 – less drama, more action.  And they took it in a different direction that didn’t really include Monica.”

Though Monica won’t be a big part of Heroes season 3, Davis does hope to return to the show at some point.  “Tim Kring [creator] and I have talked about that,” she revealed.  “You never know when I’ll show up again!”

With Monica and Alejandro out of the picture, the only annoying new character still plaguing the Heroes universe is Maya.  Anyone want to start a petition to get Dania Ramirez a new job?

– Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
Source: PopWrap
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