]]>Jake Ryan returns on a special episode of Hannah Montana, and actor Cody Linley is as ecstatic as his fans.  The upcoming installment “He Could Be the One” is going to be yet another milestone in his career, as well as for the Disney Channel series.

On the one-hour episode, Miley Stewart (Miley Cyrus) and Jake (Cody Linley) are dating once again and she’s finding it difficult to tell her father, Robby (Billy Ray Cyrus).  She tries and tries to reveal this secret, and soon the dad suspects that she’s hiding something.  She later pretends to date her male bandmate Jesse (Drew Roy), whose bad-boy attitude isn’t really approved of. Miley has to find a way to fix her relationships before it’s too late.

The 19-year-old Cody Linley prepped up for his appearance on the show, and recently discussed the projects he’s involved in lately.  He was interviewed by Just Jared.com, talking about his new music and other plans he has for his career.

“I’ve written over 50 solid songs, and right now I’m just in the process of narrowing them down and deciding what I want to release,” Linley admitted.  He’s been quite the scene-stealer ever since he appeared on Hannah Montana, earning a spot on Dancing with the Stars and even worked on his own album.

“I take being an artist seriously, and I don’t want to release anything prematurely,” he said.  “We haven’t released anything lately but yes, music is a huge part of my life.  Songs that I’ve written all over the world this year will definitely be coming out, and I want to produce it with some of my close friends like Aaron Carter and some other producers.”

He continued by saying “I’m just really trying to find a way to do it independently because I want to bring my true funk sound, and that would be a kind of acoustic soul mixed with funk.”

There’s also the recurrence of Jake Ryan’s alter ego Meelosh on Hannah Montana.  “The character Meelosh was actually created by me.  I went up to the writers room and they asked me if I could do any special accents, and it was right around the time Borat was coming out,” Cody Linley revealed.  “I guess Meelosh was Jake Ryan’s attempt at hiding, he’s kind of like Lola for Emily Osment’s character.  He dyed his hair black and wore goofy clothes just to disguise himself.”

Don’t catch Cody Linley‘s return to Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Just Jared.com
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