The actors who appear on Chuck always have a lot to say about their show. But what do they have to tell us about this week’s episode, “Chuck vs. the Curse”? NBC has released three video interviews with the Chuck cast, full of tidbits about the episode and the show in general.

We have to expect — now that Chuck and Sarah have the Omen Virus, Decker is dead, and Casey is on the lam from prison — that the CIA will be coming for our favorite spies. The following videos explain whom the Agency will send.

First up, we have Rebecca Romijn, the guest star appearing in this week’s episode, “Chuck vs. the Curse.”

Rebecca Romijn will appear as Robyn Cunnings, a CIA agent with a significantly ruthless streak. She comes to “Chuck vs. the Curse” in order to torture, steal and cause general mayhem on the show.

Romijn is also a very entertaining interview subject. Check out some of her best quotes (from a video that lasts for less than two minutes):

  • “I get to torture Chuck! Which is fun! And I really enjoy it!”
  • “I like characters that wear trench coats.”
  • “My favorite torture device is called ‘The Toy…’ It’s designed to scare the crap outta Chuck.”
  • “Such a great cast… Such a tall cast!”

Want to see more of “Chuck vs. the Curse”? Click here for the episode promo video!

We then move on to the star of Chuck, Zachary Levi.

Highlights of this particular interview include:

  • Zachary Levi has way too much trouble keeping a straight face when discussing the disintegration of Decker.
  • The Omen Virus sounds bad. Very, very bad.
  • It’s nice that all of the guest stars have been loved.
  • “Saucy and sexy in a pencil skirt?”

The final video is awesome.

  • Seriously, how much better is Chuck because of Captain Awesome?
  • Awesome seems somewhat underdressed for this scene. That’s OK.
  • Sounds like Devon will be intimately involved with the spying game in the upcoming episode. Could he be the one getting tortured?
  • When it comes down to it, Devon isn’t the most awesome spy. He tends to get into trouble a lot. More than Chuck even.
  • Robyn Cunnings thinks Devon is Chuck? That never ends well.

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“Chuck vs. the Curse” will air on Friday, December 16 at 8pm.

(Image and videos courtesy of NBC)

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