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The vampire drama Angel featured its fare share of hunky dudes, from the noble hero (David Boreanaz) to the conniving villain (Christian Kane). Thrown into the mix at the end of season 1 was J. August Richards as Charles Gunn, a street smart tough guy who wanted nothing more than to dust some vamps. The side of Richards we’ll see in the new TNT drama Raising the Bar is more akin to Gunn from the final season, when he got book smart and became a lawName

In the words of Illyria in the season finale of Angel, Richards “is not unpleasant to my eyes.” That’s a bit of an understatement, as the only thing more attractive than how tough he acts is how beautiful he is as well. Richards is the kind of guy you want to grab you forcefully and kiss you as the world burns down around you. While no such epic events are likely to occur in his new legal drama, we can still fantasize about tending to Gunn’s wounds after Angel ended.