Bones season 8 is drawing to a close soon, but before we prepare for another summer hiatus, we’ve gathered up some spoilers about the final episodes airing this season. 

Warning: Spoilers for Bones season 8 below!

“Lives Will Hang in the Balance.”

First up, we know that David Boreanaz will be directing the season 8 finale and TVLine reports that apparently that will make all the difference in what kind of episode fans can expect. 

“David likes to direct big episodes, and this will be big,” said executive producer Stephen Nathan, adding that the hour will “feature a bit of action” and, quite possibly, a casualty or two. “We’re not going to be altogether sure how everybody is at the end of the season finale,” he teased, cryptically. “Lives will hang in the balance.”

Nathan also told TVGuide more about the finale. “It’s kind of shot like 24 and everyone’s life is in danger,” the executive producer said. The episode will feature an outbreak of a highly contagious, deadly disease in the lab that will affect one of the team members. The crisis will apparently affect Cam and Arastoo, which suggests that one of them may be infected. “[This] crisis deepens their relationship quite a bit,” Nathan teases. “It’s going to be very intense for them.”

The Finale Won’t Be the End of Pelant, and H Will Get an Accomplice

Next up, we have more news about Pelant’s appearance in the finale. TVLine reports that Nathan told them that finale may not necessarily solve this season’s big alarm-clock mystery. “We might not find that out in the finale,” he says. “But we will certainly find out more about Pelant. Since the finale is probably not the end of him, there’s no reason to revisit the alarm clock yet.” 

Nathan did confirm that the marriage issue between Booth and Brennan will play a part in the season finale, but said, “I’m not going to divulge whether it necessarily moves forward or not.”

Another tidbit about Pelant comes from another TVLine article . Here’s the very brief tidbit from Ausiello: “What’s scarier than Pelant unleashed? Pelant unleashed with a freakin’ accomplice!”

Booth’s Mom and Extra Episodes

Next up, we have a clarification from TVLine about the appearance of Booth’s mother. She will not be appearing in the April 29 season finale as first reported, but instead in the April 15 episode. She is currently only booked for that one episode but Nathan said that he “would like to continue that story” in season 9.

Also, the cast and crew will once again be hanging around for a couple of weeks after season 8 wraps. They’ll be filming two stand-alone episodes that will air sometime next fall.

Finally, we have more information on Booth’s moms visit. TVGuide reports that, despite not seeing the woman for twenty-four years, Booth will apparently greet his mom Marianne (played by Joanna Cassidy) very warmly. 

“Booth [thinks he] understands what his mother has been through,” Boreanaz says of his character’s warm reception. “But something comes up later that jolts him into thinking differently.”

Booth finds out some interesting facts about how his mother has spent the last two decades. She has been pursuing a singing career, accompanied by her piano-player boyfriend Reggie (CHiPs vet Robert Pine). What brings her to town? Well, Reggie has popped the question, and Marianne wants her son to walk her down the aisle. But that’s when Booth decides he’s had enough and wants no part of it. “That’s when it all blows up,” Cassidy says.

Brennan is reportedly going to further spoil the family reunion by grilling Marianne about abandoning her sons and asking awkward questions about the limp Marianne developed after Booth’s abusive father threw her down a flight of stairs years ago. “Brennan’s not being malicious,” Deschanel says. “She’s trying, in her way, to show sympathy.”

With all the family that has been on the show, we have to wonder if that means all of them could be back for a wedding. Will Booth and Brennan finally get married soon? “The subject is definitely being broached, and I imagine we will end up going down the aisle at some point,” Deschanel says. “But maybe it will be when the show ends.”   

Whew! That is a whole lot of info for just a couple episodes remaining in this season. What do you think now that you’ve heard more about the Bones season 8 finale? Are you excited to meet Booth’s mom? What devious plan do you think Pelant has up his sleeve?

Bones airs on Monday nights at 8pm on FOX. 

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